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  1. The present system work detrimental to american interests.
    ne had stated that the present system works detrimental to American interests on the islands.

  2. Such legislation protect american interests.
    The Senate passed a resolution in structing the Foreign Relations Commit tee to inquire into the discrimination against American products abroad and to report such legislation as shall protect American interests.

  3. These arrangements r be oaaiy receiveu oy iue american party.
    These arrangements r were oaaiy receiveu oy iue American party.

  4. Horacd hall composition man in moon thought mary hitchcock declamation american flag.
    Horacd Hall Composition What the Man in the Moon Thought Mary Hitchcock Declamation The American Flag.

  5. Said tiiat thermometers arc sold in asmngton american city equal size.
    It is said tiiat more thermometers arc sold in asmngton than in any other American city of equal size.

  6. Cabins halls unissued with lincrusta Walton A New material linseed Oil (e.g., Oils ) Pulp Santa Rosa Inge (e.g., ing ) American Steamer.
    The cabins, halls, etc, are Unissued off with lincrusta Walton a new material of linseed oil and pulp, the Santa Rosa be ing the first American steamer in which it has been used.

  7. American Stocksee Protected (e.g., Protect ) From Phylloxera.
    The French vines grafted on American stocks, and planted in such soils, have been almost entirely protected from phylloxera.

  8. Livermore opposed Certain classes lucy Stone (e.g., Stones ) Nar Rowe marks A New departure in American politics.
    Livermore too opposed to certain classes and Lucy Stone too nar row other marks a new departure in American politics.

  9. Its use become general Among American farmers.
    but its use will never become general among American farmers FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE.

  10. The Consular tonnage duties levy at American ports.
    Spain will also sup press the consular tonnage duties which are now levied at American ports, and prom ises?

  11. Half of Our commerce carry One (e.g., on ) in American bottoms.
    There is hardly a transocoanic country with which one half of our commerce is carried on in American bottoms, but of our trade with Hawaii 95 per cent, is carried on in American bottoms, and the only exceptions are run and manned by Americans.

  12. Its sole Effects (e.g., Effect ) be To relieve American shipowners.
    So far as we can judge, its sole effect will be to relieve American shipowners from certain burdens, which, though highly vexatious in their character, are, after all, very trivial in amount.

  13. All sailing Buildings (e.g., Building ) in American ports.
    And this does not represent money paid out to the Hawaiians with no reciprocal exchange, for besides the exports thither which support a large fleet of vessels, all sailing under the American flag, and built in American ports, the freights on goods both ways, the brokerage, profits, insurance, in terest on California money invested in the plantations themselves, all accrue to the United States much of it to San Francisco.