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FINE WATCH WORK A SPECIALTY, and satiftctinn guaranteed.
Ap281 ly THE PACIFIC Commercial trbertiser.
The Oceanic H. CVs sicauier Maiiioa, Carjtaiu KowarJ, airived on Wednesday afternoon at 2 v. m, tring dates to the 2d instant.
The following important news items are clipped from exchanges.
The London iimes has the bet autliori ty for stating that China Wants peace, and if France will return to her original xolicy in Tonquin and abstain from further hos tileaction on the Red river, a pacific agree ment i almost certain.
The American Bishops deny that any agreement has been arrived at concerning the attitude of the Catholic clergy of the United States towards Fenianism.
The American Bishops state that neither at the Propaganda Conference nor at the Vatican have they had any agreement, disagree ment or discussion in any manner connect Before the Bishops left America for Rome it was arranged by them that thp topics of Feuianism in par ticular, and political matters in general, wer imt to be imported into this mis ion.
ClnMM th foreign legion was killetl at tipture ofSontay.
The Na tional say a. iat China is tlisposed to make fresh proposals lo France, but their pnr ! port has not reached the Marquis Tseug. A Saigon telegram reports that the Black Flags massacred some prisoners captured , before Sontay.
Admiral Courbet has de cided to take active measures ol redress. A summons has been issued for the ar rest of J.
Hopkinson Smith, Director of the Baitholdi Art Loan Exhibition in New York, who is charged by SH.
ProvostSec retary of the Sunday Closing League, with violating the Sunday law by opening the Exhibition on the last two Sundays. G. W.
Lane, President of the New York Chamber of Commerce, died suddenly on 30th December. . The Secretary of the U. S.
Navy has is sued an order to suspend work at the Bos j ton Navy Yard on January loth and for the dismissal of half the forceThe breaking up of condemned voxels will continue and the i yard will be convened into a ropewalk.
An i order closing the League Island Navy Yard ami converting it into a construction yard j Sof steel vessels will be issued soon. The Ttiaps protests agsiinst the rumor oi Jueiliiitioii lietwteii iiiit aint China, atid 1 alils: iruticn will always pay great attsntion I to KiilaiiiH counsels, but uiitst see her claims in Tobquiu leconised.
It ii not for England to offer nifdiatiou if China does not ask it Iui theiniote it is stated that it is determined to entertain no negotiations for peace with China until the French occupy Bacuiuih.
Norman Lockyer, the English astronomer, ac counts for the. extraordinary sky glows which have attracted so much attention.
Lock yer argues that they are due to the presence of vast quantities of dust and ashes ejected dur ing the eruption in Java and transported from there by ttadewind currents into high northern latitudes. A recent earthquake in Smyrna left thecity uninjured: the loss of life was less than three hundred, although 1 people in the country lost their homes. . Thomas L.
Kane, who was Colonel of the amour Buektail Iteyhutut of Pennsylvania Volunteers, died

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