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Hastings went over by the.
Vahadia, re turning by the Mariposa, accompa. Miss Rose Makee.
They brought with them I. dy of toeir nether. 1A WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY.
We invite expressions of opinion from the public upon U subjects of general Interest for insertion under th head of the Adfebtiseb.
Such ccnininnicttions should be authenticated by the name of the writer as a guai rantee of good faith, but not necessarily for public tion. jf Our object is to offer the fullest opportunity for a varf of popular discussion and inquiry.
We are not to be understood as necessarily endorsing the views set forth in communication published under this head.
To all inquirers we shall endeavor to furnish informa tion of the most complete character cn any subject in which they may be interested! The Chinese Question.
Mr. EDiTorTherc have been circatcd through out this Kingdom printed copies of speeches by one Z. Y.
Squires before the meetings of the Working mens Union, in Honolulu.
These speeches show direct and inflammatory utterances against my people and I think that it is only reasonable and rational that some response should bo made to the various unproved charges, unfounded as they are.
Yet as an individual I would feci inclined to pass over these Squires effusions as mere vapor, and not even warranted by the wishes and desires of the members of tho Union, of which he is now the proud and empirical president.
Some one made a talk which was straight as far as our race is concerned, at one of the meetings of this terrible Union.
He shewed the truth of every thing regarding fhe labor question on these islands so far as the Chinese ara concerned. I do not think that the Chinese are to be blamed for debauching native females in uch a wholesale way as Mr.
Squires says.
The AngloSaxon is, I think, more clever than a poor Chinaman in this line.
Just look to the statistics of the Hawaiian Courts for this. I could write a heap but must not trespass on your good nature too much.
Inaccurate, unproved, unauthorized and untrue statements like Mr.
Squires must not travel unchallenged. I am Sir, Yours Truly, A Chisamav.
Honolulu, January 15th, ISSi, Mr.
Editor Tho article in the DAily Paciitc Commercial.
Advertiser, of the 16th iust, signed A Chinaman was probably written by a well known A. T. Y.
In reference to the gentleman speaking in favor of tho Chinese race before the Workingmons Union, your author personally knows he was not sincere iu his remarks only so far as he condemned th Hawaiian laws and tho officials who are entrusted with them.
American Citizen.
Honolulu, January lfi, 1SS4. Mr.
Editor I am obliged by a passing notice from you; but in regard to my letter to you, I must say that it was sent in all truth, and I think will be verified by all my countrymen. I dont caro who detcinis my nationality, out i tio know that I am able to do so, and subscribe myself, yours, etc, C.
Honolulu, Jan. 17th, 184. Exactly so. In the course of cert: in exca vations at Maidens, near GirvAii, iu Ayrshire, thp workmen recently discovered five brouze axes in good preservation.
They tiro graduated in size, and wre found Uh their flat sides against each other, beneath the gravel, next the surface of the rofk.
These have doubtless by this been forwarded to the Grand Old Man Judy. A Heroic Itesolve.
Rectors wife: Another actress to be married to a lord!
Its simply shocking. Im afraid theres no lushTior itoSeptinnis: we shall haveto biing up Evangeline for the ftage 3icrtisemcntjS. A. KBAFT, W ATC JLX 2sL A. K 111 H, AND IJenler in Musical I list rumen , tAVlNfi UKMOVED TO MORE COMMODIOUS aX tiuarters in Campbells Sew Block, Merchant street, him received, per lute importations, large addi tions to his former Stock of FINE GOODf, such as X 3E3 HI L.
SILVKK, ETC, Cold and Silver Watches, Of the best make and tiuLsh. A Larye Assortment of MUSICAL.
INWTItUMENTS, from the Most Ceiebriitd Maunfitcturera.
Very fine lino Apple end Strawberry reddish whit, Plants for sale.
Call and esaruiue his Extcuive Stock, and you will not fail to be pleased. JI2vini InterIslaM Steam MisatiGu Companys T I M K X a. J3 Lu K Steamer Ilantcr, ITS Commander Will run regularly f T Koua and Kau. ItWES HONOLULU AT 4 P. M.
Friday January II Tuesday January 22 FriJny Ftoruary 1 Friday February 22 Tuesday Mann 4 tilUuy Marc a 14 iuesJuy March 25 February 12 AKIUVINO AT HONOLULU AT 5 V.
At Friday January lil Friday February 29 Tuesday January 2a j Iuesay. Marcn 11 Friday.
February fej Friday.
March 21 Tuesday February I. J Stcmnei Iwalani, CAM KKON Commander Lrarcs Ilouolulu Krrrr Al outlay at 5 I. M, For Nawiliwili, Koloa, Waimea au 1 Eleele, Kauai.
Ke turning, leaves Nandiwiii every Saturday evening.
Steamer James Jlakce, FREEMAN Commander LruTra Ilouolulu Kvery Thursday at 3 1, M, For Kapaa and Kilnuea.
Returning, leaves Kau si every Tuesday at 4 1. Al, and touching at Waianae, both wavf.
SteameroC Ji.
Hi shop, DAVIS Coin wander Leaves Honolulu Kvery Tuesday at 4 P. M, For Knfculhacle.
Ilonokaa and Paanhau.
Keturning ar rives at Honolulu every Sunday

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