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Answer        : american european merchandise. feb8dfewtf frank gertz.. ... for governor, called upon him this evening f Alas, good sir quoth the lady, I have no husband But these children, madam you surely are not a widow f I feared you were mistaken, sir, when you first cams up.
These are not my chil dren.
This is an orphan asylum V Cremation Araouj: the Northmen, Exchange.
Cremation was the universal method of disposal of the dead among our Norse an cestors so late as the tenth century.
This was true of the Warangian rulers of Russia, as appears from an account given by Ahmed Ibn Fozian, embassador from the Caliph Al Moktador, who wrote A. D. 921. You Arabs are fools said one of the Russian North men to the embassador.
You take the man whom yoi must have loved and honored, and put him down in the earth, where vermin and worms de vour him. We, on the contrary, burn him up in a twinkling, and he goes straight to paradise An Average Life, It is stated that in an average life of fifty years a man works 0000 days and sleeps as many more, eats 2 000, walks 800 is sick 500, and spends the rest of the half century in amusing himself.
The lngleside.
The mistake mat is maa both by lovers of art on the one side and the haters of art on the other, is this: they both look upon it as something imported into the world, rather than something growing out of it. , lam ma Did you seed the cherries?
Little Ned No, ma, I saw them.
The heart of a Greenland waale is a yard in diameter. T3. O.
WM. G.
IATltS ami Commission AiJlvNTS.
Honolulu, II. I. jan 1 slilw TH0S. J.
HAYSELDEN, Auctioneer. lioJiala.
Sale otllrul Jiitai, lo1 and Property of every flcscrrption atUuVi t foiiiciLtious moderate, oct 1 S3viw J0HH EUSSELL, A tiorney at Jav.
PHILLIPS Co, TmirtTH anl Wholesale Iealers in A Clothing, Joom, Suock, I lata, ilenu Furnish ing ana Fancy ooJh.
No. 11 Kaahumauu Street, Honolulu, JI. I.
Janl81dfcw S. J.
LEVEY CO, Grocer and lrovisiou Dealer.
Family Grocery and Feed Store Orders entrusted to us from the other Island will be promptly attended to. 52 Fort St, Honolulu jan 1 8ldfcw J. ffl. M0NSARRAT, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC.
Real Estate in any part of the King: dom Bought, Sold aud JLeased on Commission.
Loans Negotiated and Legal Documents Drawn.
No. 27 MEKCHANT STREET, Gazette Block, Honolulu. oct ldw J.
LEVEY. IXONS . IiEVEY, Aiactione er s AND General Commission Merchants Beaver Block, Queen St, Honolulu.
Cfalc of Farnltnre.
Stock, Real Estate and General Merchandise properly attended to.
Solo Agent for.
American European Merchandise. feb8dfewtf FRANK GERTZ.
Importer and Manufacturer JJ Of all Descriptions of BOOTS , SHOES O Orders from the other Islands solicited.
No. Ill Fort St, Honoluln. ja2f3mdw Mount Vernon BALTIMORE. npUE UNDERSIGNED HAVING BEEN AP 1L pointed Agents for Pacific Coast for the sale of the manufactures of the above Company, hare now in store.
Hydraulic Duck, all Numbers; Sail Duck, all Numbers; Draper and Wagon Duck, From 30 to 120 Incites Wide.
And a complete apartment of all qualities 2H 12 Inch nitek, from 7 oz, to 15 oz.
San Francisco, California. ivSdAw f.
JTJNG ommanaer THE STEAMER KINAU WILL LEAVE HONOLULU EACH TUESDAY at 4 P. M, touching at Lahalna, Maalaea Bay.
Ma hukona, Kawaihae, Laupahoehoe and UUo.
Returning, will touch at all the above ports, Mrivlng at Honolulu each Saturday P. M.
The KINAU will eave her wharf at 4 P. r. and NO FREIGHT WILL BE RECEIVED AFTER 3. PM.
Due notice isgivenof thi3 rule nA will be carried out. oct 1 tfdw CXACS SEfKLLj Co Enterprise Plaiiii Mill, Alaliea near Juoen St, Honoluln, TELEPHONE Hfl. 55. Planing, Shaping, Turning, Band and Scroll Sawing, Doors, Sasli, Blinds, Door and Window Frames, Brackets, Bailnsters, Stairs, Etc, 2Iade to Order. iMoiildinge unci Finish.
ALWAYS ON HAND. 8yAll orders filled on short notice, and Jobbing promptly attended to.
Mouldings made to any pattern without extra cnarse lor smves.
Hard soft firewood for sale, WtSOrders from the other l3lanas promtly filled Plans and specifications furnished to order. oct 13Sd c. J.
MaiMOfid Jcwchy. G. W.
Macfarlane Co, TTave received from London sne M 1 cial consignment, which is now on view, o LONDON MADE Diamond Jewelry OF THE Newest aud Most Recherche Patterns consisting of Diamond.
Ruby Emerald.
Sapphire, Pearl, and Othor diem itiugs, BREASTPINS, BANGLES t nd other Ornaments all mounted In fine gold.
Also a splendid assortment of GOMJ WATCHES, FO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Including some fine Minute Repeaters and Chro nographs, in heavy 18carat gold cases ; some Beautifully Enameled Watches, In hunting cases or Ladles, and anassortment of fine Silver Watches.
Also, a very beautiful assortment of SILVER JEWELRY, of specially new design and make. 55 The whole consignment will he ed a EXCEPTIONALLY LOW PRICES. aplltfd PACIFIC HAil STEAMSHIP CO TIME TABLE.
PACIFIC MAIL SSC0. For San Francisco Australia On or about October 25. For Auckland and Sydney.
City of Sydney On or about November 1. oct 1 83d Jew G. D.
Fkekth. W. C.
K, No. 23 tan St Hoao

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