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Answer        : american minister looked government carry order immediately. ...t paid for the reengrossment, the fault being his.
House adjourned at 4 p. m.
Fhiday, August 1 1SS1. Tho House met at 10 am, Minutes of previous day were read uid approved. kepoits of committees.
Dole presented a report from the Ju diciary Committee against the passage of the bill to establish a Police Court at Hamakua, on the Island of Hawaii.
An amendment to a motion to adept, moved by Mr.
Kanealii, that the bill be laid on the table and considered with the bill, was carried.
Tho Judiciary Committee also reported upon the bill to prevent obstructions on the streets of Honolulu, recommending ts pas sage.
The Judiciary Committee also reported favorably upon the bill to enlarge the powers of Police Courts in certain cases of assault upon public officers.
Dole presented a report from tho Select Committee on Honolulu Waterworks, giving estimates prepared by Major Bender. engineer, showing that improvements, to include a reservoir in Luakahao Valley of eighteen million gallons capacity would re quire an appropriation of 175000, as fol lows Excavating basin above elam 50000 Masonry of dam 44000 Distributing reservoir 43000 Gates of dam and reservoir C000 2500 feet pipe and laying 18000 Contingencies 14000 175000 Mr.
Rowell thought the printing of the ieport was not necessary to enable the House to understand the question.
The work could probably be done within the estimate of Major Bender, who, being a stranger, did not understand the ground formation.
Dr. J.
Mott Smith agreed with the pre vious speaker, as the committee was simply appointed to procure practical information to guide the House in dealing with the subject.
On motion, the report was laid on the table for consideration with the item in tho Appropriation Bill.
Rowell presented the report of the Select Committee on Government buildings and repairs, giving estimates amounting to 55000 for the works required.
Kalua asked for further time for the r committee on the report of the Board of Genealogy to make their report Granted.
The Minister of Finance read a communi cation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs respecting an interview with U. S.
Minister D aggett, relative to the resolution of the House requesting the postponement of the collection of duties in gold until September 1st.
He stated that the American Minister had found the delay that he had consented to for the passage of the Currency Bill had been greater than he had expected, and that any further delay would be inconsistent with treaty obligations.
That the American Minister looked to the Government to carry out the order immediately.
Mr. Gibson therefore recommended that the order for the payment of duties in geld on the 1st dav August be carried out.
The report was adopted.
Dr. J.
Mott Smith introduced a resolution limiting speeches of members to 5 minutes.
Kanealii said members ought not to be restricted in debate.
Mr. Palohau said that when any proposi tion came up, one member would get up and speak explaining the intent of the matter pending, or the idea of his side of the House, after all the points had been made by that one, others would get up and occupy the attention of the House without limit, in simply repeating what had already been said.
Some members speaking so long that others got sleepy, or left the House.
He was tired of such a course, and by way of an example, moved the previous question, which prevailed, and the resolution was adopted.
On motion of Mr.
Kaulia, tho bill to amend Section 43 of Chapter 44 of tho Civil Code be taken from the table and considered with the bill to regulate the sale of spiritu ous liquors, which was under consideration yesterday.
Kalua said that as a distinguished gentleman who had greatly benefited the Kingdom Clau3 Spreckels wa3 going to leave on the steamer Alamoda, for San Fran cisco, he moved that the House now take a reces3 till 130 pm.
The House took a recess until 130 pm.
Consideration of the Appropriation Bill iu Committeo of the Whole, Mr. J. E.
Bush in the chair. 3Ir.
Rowell moved that an item of 175000 for Honolulu waterworks be inserted in ac accordance with tho report of the Select Committee, to whom the matter was referred.
Rowell moved to insert 55000 for Government buildings and repairs.
The Minister of Finance moved that the consideration of the item be postponed.
Motion carried.
Kanealii moved to strike out tho item of S000 salary of Harbormaster Lost.
Dole moved it pass at 7000. Mr.
Kapena moved it pass at 0000. Car ried.
Richardson moved to strike out th item of 2100, salary of second entry clerk.
The Minister of Finance pointed out that the increased business at tho Custom House necessitated more assistance, in order to accomplish tho work.
Item xassed.
Mr. Godfrey Brown moved that the salary of Collector at Mahukona be reduced to 200. Mr.
Dolo moved it be fixed at 300. Car ried.
Neumann proposed to reduced, the salary of the Collector at Hilo to 800. The Minister of the Interior stated that the

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