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ChonsrWailuku, Maui 1 I Warnboldt, Lihue, Kauai CAKJ3 PEDDLL 17 Sam Uri K Malailua SALMON.

LOCAL AND GENERAL One of the new atores opposite to the Fe lice Station, on King street, has been taken by IIo Sun, a dry goods merchant.
Now i3 the time for the triumphant Demo crats in Honolulu to celebrate their victory by squaring up election expenses with Wise man.
Dr. E. C.
Webb was engaged Wednesday at the Iloyal School Primary Department vaccinating the boys. 3Ir. J.
Carlisle commences his duties as teacher of the Government School, at Mauna hooano, Hawaii, on January 1st. i ni Excellency the Minister of Finance has ho far recovered from his late illness as to be able to be at his post again.
Madame Cora left Wednesday by the Iwa lani for Hawaii.
She purposes giving per formances in sleightofhand at all place of any importance on the island.
Mr. Ballinger, of the San Francisco Call, sailed Wednesday morning by the brig WG.
Mr. Ballingera health has been much benefited by his visit to the Islands. . The Christmas cards at Messrs. J. M.
Oat Cos are selling fast.
We advise those who wish to make a selection to do so with as little delay as possible.
In response to inquiries made, vre would gay that the pine so abundantly grown in Hongkong, the pxnea sinenis, is the com mon Chinese pine, of which we believe there are no specimens growing here.
The lease of the Anchor Saloon for the term of three years, from August 11th of this year, was bought Wednesday by Mr.
Thomas Krouse for the sum of 2000. The lease carries with it a privilege of renewal for four years and eight months. The Chief Jastice has appointed Tuesday, December 9 th, for the hearing of the follow ing cases in Equity George N. Wilcox v.
Albert G.
Ellis, a bill for relief, c. ; Eliza W.
Holt et al. v.
Minerva E.
Fernandez and husband, a petition for sale and dower.
The following gentlemen have been ap pointed on the Board of Inspectors for Oahu, under the Session Laws of 1832, relating to the suppression of disease among animals James Bredie, V. S. ; A.
Burrell Hay ley, Executive Inspector ; and J. H.
Yesterday mrning Messrs.
Lyons Levey sold by auction the Anchor Saloon, which waa waa purchased by Mr.
Krouse for 2000. The abovo firm will hold their usual cash sale this morning, in addition to which they will sell five handsome mules, all well broken to harness and saddle.
Our compositors were the recipients, last week, of a box of most delicate, toothsome, and handsome cakes from Messrs.
Meller Halbes, confectioners, Lincolns Block, King street.
Accompanying the gift was a note, to the effect that tho firm would have Mince Pies ready for Thanksgiving to morrow. The American brigantine W. G.
Irwin will sail today for San Francisco with about 200 tons sugar an ballast The inference to bo drawn from the above scissored from Wednesdays Guide is, that the net value of sugar, sand, and btonen is about the same, now that they ure all classed by the Guide as ballast The Honolulu Iron Works has turned out onehalf, and are about ready to cast the other half, of a massive bedplate for the machinery of the new maceration pro cess, which is being tried now in the manu facture of sugar.
The mass of iron is some twenty feet long, and is calculated to weigh about 3300 pounds.
The twenty mulea, lately arrived from the Coast per Consuelo, for Col. Z. S.
Spaulding of Kealia, Kauai, have been at tacked by a disease supposed to be glanders, and four of them died, and five others were shot.
Dr. James Brodie, the veterinary surgeon, went down last week to examine them.
Go and see the photograph of the winning crew in the sixoared slidingseated race in the lato regatta.
The photograph which is a lifelike reproduction, and handsomely framed, has been presented to the Myrtle Boat Club by Mr. J.
Williams ; and is now on view Messrs. J. M.
Oat Cos store on Merchant street.
Wo congratulate Mr.
Williams on this splendid production of photographic art.
The accident which caused the S. 8. Zca landia to arrive so much later than usual was the fracture of one of her piston rods.
Thi3 caused an actual detention of only six oi seven hours, but it has also partially dis abled the vessel, as the piston could not be repaired except in part, and she had, there fore, to run without the use of one cylinder.
Before the accident, sanguine expectations of reaching here on last Saturday night had been entertained.
Last Friday being the anniversary of Ha waiian Independence, salutes were fired at noon and su t.
Shory fter 1 oclock, three compa. of soldiers, commanded by Colonel Bakur, and headed by the band, visited tho Palace and saluted the King, their Excellencies W. M.
Gibson and John M.
Kapena being present with His Majesty.
The troops and band ihen visited tle resi dences of the Foreign Kopresontatives, and saluted thou. qu Thanksgiving Day, most of tho stores, in the city were closed during the latter half of the day. , Members of the different boating clubaJ took advantage of last Fridays holiday to exercise, by pulling round and about the harbor. t The photograph of the WinningCrev which was on view in Mr. J. M.

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