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Answer        : Bulletin appears knowledge american history judging attempt. ...uai, have been at tacked by a disease supposed to be glanders, and four of them died, and five others were shot.
Dr. James Brodie, the veterinary surgeon, went down last week to examine them.
Go and see the photograph of the winning crew in the sixoared slidingseated race in the lato regatta.
The photograph which is a lifelike reproduction, and handsomely framed, has been presented to the Myrtle Boat Club by Mr. J.
Williams ; and is now on view Messrs. J. M.
Oat Cos store on Merchant street.
Wo congratulate Mr.
Williams on this splendid production of photographic art.
The accident which caused the S. 8. Zca landia to arrive so much later than usual was the fracture of one of her piston rods.
Thi3 caused an actual detention of only six oi seven hours, but it has also partially dis abled the vessel, as the piston could not be repaired except in part, and she had, there fore, to run without the use of one cylinder.
Before the accident, sanguine expectations of reaching here on last Saturday night had been entertained.
Last Friday being the anniversary of Ha waiian Independence, salutes were fired at noon and su t.
Shory fter 1 oclock, three compa. of soldiers, commanded by Colonel Bakur, and headed by the band, visited tho Palace and saluted the King, their Excellencies W. M.
Gibson and John M.
Kapena being present with His Majesty.
The troops and band ihen visited tle resi dences of the Foreign Kopresontatives, and saluted thou. qu Thanksgiving Day, most of tho stores, in the city were closed during the latter half of the day. , Members of the different boating clubaJ took advantage of last Fridays holiday to exercise, by pulling round and about the harbor. t The photograph of the WinningCrev which was on view in Mr. J. M.
Jrs, store, has been transferred from there to the Myrtle Boathouse. A fire broke out in a shed on South street Friday morning, but waa speedily extin guished by the occupants of the house to whom the shed belonged.
Wednesday being the birthday of the Em peror of China, Nuuanu street was gayly decorated with lanterns, etc, demonstrative of the reverence with which the Chinese look upon their Sovereign. A dance was given Thursday evening at the Knights of Pythias Hall.
Bergers string band was in attendance.
There were about thirty couple in present, and dancing was kept up till about midnight.
The unusual number of carriages at both Fort Street Church and the Cathedral, at Thanksgiving service was quite noticeable ; but thanks to the care taken by those left in charge of the animals, there waa no accident.
The Bulletin appears to be a little out in its knowledge of American history, judging from its attempt to correct the Gazette as to what happened during the canvass for the Presidency when Lincoln was elected.
Tho attention of the Superintendent of Boads should be drawn to the deep hole on the road leading to Waikiki.
The hole in question is situated close to the summer residence of Mr. C. R.
On Tuesday last quite a number of tourists stopping at the Hawaiian Hotel took a walk to view the Kapena Falls.
They were aston ished to seo the native boys jumping from the rock on the far side f the falls, a height of about 45 feet, A Chinaman named Wong Kau was, Wed nesday morning, arras ted at his residence on the charge of counterfeiting Hawaiian half , dollar pieces.
One unfinished coin, and several plaster of paris dies were found in the house, which are now under lock and key at the Police Station, The dies are beau tifully made, and money coined from them would, doubtless, be difficult to detect.
Resolution passed by the Honolulu Cham ber of Commerce, November 29, 1884: Resolved, That on and after December 1, the members of the Chamber of Commerce agree to receive and pay out Certificates of Deposits for all amounts over Ten Dollars as gold in all transactions among them selves and where practicable with others. J. B.
Athebton, Secretary.
Frank Leslies Illustrated Weekly has a paragraph to the effect that President Arthur ha presented a handsome gold watch and chain to Captain Edward Wil. lianis of the British bark Catrinafor humane service in rescuing the crew of the Ameri can ship Itainer.
Williams is well known here, it not being long since he left here in command of the Catrina, en route to China.
His friends will be pleased to hear that his gallant conduct has been fittingly rewarded.
The Temple of Fashion begs to inform the general public that they will not give their goods away, as advertised by other retail dealers to catch trade.
All they guarantee is, that they carry the stock, every article marked in plain figures, and their pkices the lowest.
Customers purchasing S3 worth of holiday goods are entitled to a chance in the raffle for the lifesize doll, now on exhibition in the lower window of the Temple of Fashion, Fort street. A beautiful effect may be noticed these moonlight evenings, wherever the long, horizontal branches of the samang or monkeypod trees stretch over the road way.
During the day the shade afforded by these trees is delightful, and the shadow cast upon the ground so dark as to give the impression that the fol

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