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Answer        : Flower memorable contest gave distinction american politics. ...ability as the nominee! ofhjs paijty! for tlie Presi dencv: v sMrs.
Folger. died some years ago, Minnesota, and two daughters, one, of whom ureslded over her fathers diousehOfldvXoItU iime of! bi 4eatb; hMr.
FolierliaU trouble willi his byes during the last few years of his life, and hia physical condition for several, months previous to his death was un satisfactory.
He did not, however, relax iahi devotion to duty, anddid not arrive at Geneva from Washing ton for the last time, until August 20th of the present year.
The follow ing of quoted words have an em phatic application to the career of the; deceased Jawyerahd. statesman, Well done, good and faithful ser rvnnt, 1 PA mm Mm. . T United Stales Miuinler to France.
Levi P.
Morton, who is now at home for a short time on leave of absence from his duties as Envoy Extrordinary and Minister Plenipo tentiary of the United States to the Republic of France, has well proved his capacity as a public servant.
His present position is one of distinction, being a foreign mission of the first class, and commanding a salary of S17500 a year.
He has twice been named prominently as a man whose experience, fits him eidinently for a Cabinet office, j Still in the prime of life, the expectation is good that he will serve his country very usefully for years to come.
He is descended from Geo.
Morton, one of the Puritan fathers, who landed at Plymouth, New Eugland, in 1623, and i3 a son of the late Rev.
Daniel Morton.
His birthplace was Shore ham, Vermont, where first saw the light on May 15, 1324. Having a strong preference for a business career, when sixteen years of age, he was placed in a country store. . By the time he attained hie majority, he was made a partner by his employer.
In 1849 he removed to Boston, where he was admitted as u partner in a wealthy mercantile firm, good fortune due to his ability alone, as he had neither adequate capital nor influen tial friends to gain him the promo tion.
Five years alter he made New York his residence, and opened a place of business in that city.
Pros perity attended him, and in 1SG3 he founded the banking houses of Mor ton, Bliss 6c Co, New York, and Morton, Rose Co, London.
Morton was elected to Congress from the Eleveuth District ef New York in 1878, as a Republican.
His majority was over seven thousand votes.
He was reelected two years after.
President Garfield nominated him as Minister to France, which i was unanimously confirmed by the I Senate in March, 1S81. The vacant seat thus created in the House of Representatives was filled by Roswell P.
Flower, after a memorable contest, which gave this gentleman his first distinction in American politics.
In May, 1881, Mr.
Morton was appointed Honorary CommissionerGeneral to to the Paris International Exhibition of Electricity.
Dartmouth College crave him the honorary decree of LLD. in July of the same year.
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