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...ctions have not been very sicklythe neighborhood of Panama has proved an exception to the general rule, Here dur ing the past six months, have appeared, in larger numbers than usual, pernicious fevers, and there have been several cases of yellow fever which have proved fatal It appears to me that the question whether this is or is not a better route than that of Nicaragua ha almost passed from the problem of interoceanic commu nication.
The work here has been fairly begun; large quantities of machinery and material for transportation have been collected and are now upon the isthmus, and unless some government should undertake a similar project at another point it does not seem probable that any private capital available for such an enlerprke, would lose the benefits of the detailed studies, tho work already done and the money already expended upon the route of the Panama Canal. I am.
Admiral, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Raymond 1. Rodders.
Rear Admiral G. A.
Cooper, United States Navy, commanding United States naval forces on North Atlantic Station. S. F.
Scientific Notes. A Mr.
Barnett has invented a new accu mulator, or storage battery, which is being talked about by electricians, and is now on trial at Paddington Railway Station.
This new battery is claimed to be superior to anv hitherto constructed, as with it the loss of current in ordinary work is less than ten per cent.
It is proposed to em rdov the batterv for lichtiner trains.
Hith f t. erto the chief failing of storage batteries has been the loss of current, and if the experiment prove Mr.
Barnetts claim to be correct, his battery will not only bo an undoubted advance in practical electric lighting, but it will be economical as veil.
We shall hear more of it before longas it has been in active experiment for some time back, but its fame is only just getting wind.
Of course there is a reason for every thing, and Dr.
Moffats explanation how it is that Italy is so famous for the splen did voices of her singers may be correct, but it is difficult to prove it. lie has re cently stated that the Italian voice owes its softness and beauty to the peroxide of hydrogen in the atmosphere.
The atmos phere receives it so we understand from other sources through the agency of pine trees.
From which the inference might be drawn that if W3 desire to have good voic es for singing we should plant abundant pine forests.
Recent investigations into the natural history of tho costly phylloxera point to the fact that the ravages of this pest are much decreased when tho vines are planted in sandy soils.
The French vines grafted on American stocks, and planted in such soils, have been almost entirely protected from phylloxera.
This indicates that the indigenous vines have been recruited in native vigor by the grafting process. I have little doubt that, what with inter planting that is, always propagating by cutting from the same kind and stock of vines and exhaustion from the soil all its potash, or nearly so, the old vineyards have become so weakened they are imme diately prostrated by any kind of parasiti cal attacks, whether of parasitic fungi r phylloxera.
The best defence is to make such plants as strong and vigorous as wo can, by intergrafting, supplying sufficient supplies of manure of the proper sortcen taining all the necessary mineral salts ai vegetable food and then we might fairly let nature have its way.


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