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Answer        : Hats canes handkerchiefs fans king american turf. ...ourse, Bithers had to hold him back.
He went up to the quarterpost in 055. The second quarter was somewhat slower, and he passed the half in 112J, and three qarters in 149, jogging under the wire in The horse was theu taken back to the stable to be rubbed down.
After this came the great event of the day and the greatest event in the history of the trotting turf.
JayEyeSee came on the track aud as he swung into the stretch the judges an nouced that he would make an at tempt to break his record.
Jim Mur phy, behind his own running horse, was also on the stretch, limbering out, as he was to go a mile with JayEyeSee, to give the little flyer cour age, and force 14m to a faster gair, if necessary.
After Jogging down the stretch once or twice JayEyeSee turned at the distance stand aud came down the wire for the word.
He was working magnificently, and as Go was shouted by Mr.
Wind sor the little gelding sped away around the turn, with the runner about eight lengths behind.
Never did a horse work more evenly than did JayEyeSee as he sped around the turn, and it seemed as if he was a piece of machinery and not a thing with life, so perfect was his action.
Up to the quarter he went in 033, with the runner trailing four lengths behind, and as he sped into the THE PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, ihtibut imiim nrr straight Bithers cut him loose.
Faster and faster were his strides, and it was evident that Ed meant to send him at his best.
At the halfmile the watches regis tered 105, a 210 gait, and if he could hold his own for the last half all knew that he would accomplish an unprecedented feat.
Around the up per turn it seemed as if he was flying, and fast as had been his gait on the back stretch, it was forced up now to something terrific.
On and on he went, without suspicion of a break, passing the threequarter post in 139. At this point the runner came up even with the trotter, and now began the final struggle.
Down he came without a skip, every stride telling in the momentous race against the fastflying seconds.
Bithers had not yet used his whip.
The gallant flyer speeded down to the stand and under the wire.
There was a momentary bustle and then suddenly the cry He has done it was raised by those among the spectators who had timed him. A loud burst of applause greeted the an nouncement, only to be followed by a much more enthusiastic demonstra tion as the board swung around with the record 210 upon it.
Never on the racetrack has there been a scene of wilder excitement than followed tlie announcement.
Hats, canes, handkerchiefs and fans were waved, while men shouted themselves hoarse in cheering the king of the American turf.
When Bithers came back to the stand with JayEyeSee a magnificent horseshoe of flowers was presented to him, while around him gathered a group of admiring friends offering hearty congratula tions.
Mr. Case, owner of JayEyeSee, was overjoyed and received a shower of congratulations with the plainest manifestations of delight.
With reference to JayEyeSees time, there were necessarily fractional differences.
Case and many other experienced timekeepers placing the figures at 2091. ANOTHER UNPRECEDENTED EVENT.
During the time Maxy Cobb was trotting, Winship and mate were on the track warming up for their heat.
After circling the track once or twice, the pair came down the stretch, and Jim Golden nodded far the word, and the pair were sent away in good style.
Winship trotted around the turn in faultless style, though his mate, Gabe Case, was lagging a little.
Up to the quarter they went in 030 without a hitch of any kind.
Once in the straight, Golden cut the trotter loose and theu the gait was lorced up.
Although Winship was doing most of the work, and seemed to be pulling the runner, he was at the half in the unprecedented time of 101 a 203 gait, Here Golden began to hold Winship for the finish, and the run ner was allowed to do a little of the work around the upper turn.
The third quarter was covered in 134, and then the team swung into the stretch for the closing struggle.
Down they came, Winship pulling his mate so that Golden had to put the whip to the runner to keep him up to his work.
Winship was trotting as evenly as clockwork, and as he came under the wire in magnificent form, a shout arose even on the judges stand, and in a moment deafening applause greeted the announcement of the time 206. Thus, Winship and mate have accomplished the great feat of reducing by 2 seconds the famous record of 20SJ made by Frank and mate.
Inventive Quakers.
The peculiar sect known as the Shak ing Quakers 7t deserve credit for many of the useful inventions of the present.
More than half a century ago they first origin ated the drying of sweet corn for food, and they first raised, papered, and vended garden seeds in the present styles.
From their first methods of preparing medicinal roots and herbs for market sprung the immense patent medicine trade.
They began the broomcorn business.
The first buzzsaw was made by the Shakers at New Lebanon.
This is now in the Albany Geological Ilall.
The Shakers invented metallic pens, first made

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