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Uttin lirins the wk not teen over brik in 1 1 1 . . t. . . . . aiul. rttlliV MJHilKillKt IIU itr ji lu c t ih far prTt fur the future. . . . t . t. Iiiriitiin ti. ul Ida in. rLiIail ti unxrn from : I quarter, that rain hail fallen tiiiuly in he aiir5rawiric OistrietM, laucU to the grjuriution of the planters.
Honolulu has alu hern hw1 nili a iiver iltirin the week.
Though ihii W ocalUi rainy srin, the rainfall hits txren very lUiit. eniarel with former years.
Jh reitn of nar li riiiif the wtW comprise 1G000 Tl, Litest alvlc from the Coast show a reduction in rt. I this connwtioti the San FranrUro ilTcfanl jy ; We noire that the California Sugar Refinery has rl lied the pri of I ugar to Ml this reduction, with the low prires at whleh ockI Hawaiian gTxery ijnulesare lliiur, niukt it luipovjble to utlHse of choice refined txan hi triit market at a prwttt, evn if there was no jrjulwe aaiiet them Th lirportatUjn of ucr at San Francisco for the year lvlur rport! to be.
Hawaiian Island, 51VJ1 tons of 2it xmL earl. ; of China, including TOO tons of re Bnel, I ft tons ; of Central American, Hi tons: and of Manila, 91 tons.
Total Importations from foreign ntuntrvM. 10tS nhort tons.
The Mrtfimt states tliat tt Is nndTstjK! that a considerable quantity of the laWM arrval of the Chinarefined sugar has Koue into store, not bini4 sulahie at a profit at nntwrut lri for that grade.
The imports from the Coast nine onr lat ssue have ten unusually larifH, and roiiipri the caraciws of the bri4fiierian, irauiilip Alamla, httrk Kalakaua, and bri W. f Irwin from San tTuwl o.
Also, two full car goes of luniher irrt liurkntine Klli and Kl. kitit from the Sound.
The lacitic Mill stamshii City ijf Hlo de Janeiro called here ii rout to China, and laudtd 2G3 ChinSf iinotUrajits, twits the lirl i, itnporttd hy that Company under thiroriiuul Mrniiiu fruiu ! tiovernnent.
After omlinK 0 dl on lr vyuir. leav lug thU port at 4 V. M. on 1 lnrlay last, onceauie amongst the rent Importations r wvcril lots of Valuable ho sthorimthhrHds arid others, from the best raiMlits in Califniu.
Tte nw Telephone Company, l: tli Hawaiian Cahle Cnipany has landed a lar amount of material, and it is anti iiatl it will soon be hi workin ordr.
The P. 51. steamship City of Syd ner arrved at Z A. M. on the rJd itistatit, and Hailed for Sau Francsoat In A. f. the same day, carry ln away about tons of freight and a few pasaeuir.
The departures fr the week wre the steamship City of Sydney and Cunsoelo fr San Iraiicisvo, the tern Eva fr Kureka, and the steamship Clry of Hiu de Janeiro for Japan and China. A rale of real estate took place on Saturday last, and the price realizeil temls to pruve that property is still rising in value.
Tlie circulation of the new Haw aiian coins, halfdollars and tjuarters, has proved a boon to all retail dealers, as change or the want of it, was ben. mint; au inisuiveni tiu p that was seruxlsly felt.
Business men of all grades, frum the baiiker and mer chant to the smallest retail di uler, begl jnliiK to evince an interest in the coming lectiatis, w hich take place on the 6th proximo, each one having more or less at stake that requires legislation.
Mr. J. O.
Carter is the only foreign candidate fur Honolulu, whilst many af our resi dents have distributed themselves over the country seek ing admission to Lefcislative honor. The steamship Zealaiidia is looketl fjr today from the Coast, en route to the Colonies.
Th Stock and IKnd Kxcluinee, whose quotations we formerly published wvekly, have nettled in t a stale f apathy, no meetings having been helJ this year.
As it di l not prove such a successful s. heme for making a rapid fortune as some of the hears anticipated, it will prob ably die a natural death.
The dissolution of partnership of the firms of Hardee A Berteluiann and Ashley A Hrohard were announced during the woek.
Mr. Hardee asulues all the liabilities of the firstnamed, and will continue the luslness known as the Ktterprise Planing Mill Company, in his own name.
Hebbard will act In a similar manner with regard to the lastnamed firm.
Sat l K da V, January lt.
Simr Kinaii, Kin, from Maui ind Hawaii.
Slur lehua, Ireuzen, from Maui and Molokai stutr James Makee, Freeman, from Wautuai and Kauai sinr Waimanalo, Nelson, from Waimanalo Schr Nettie Merrill, from Ithaina xbr Kekauiuohi, from Hanalei.
Si NiAV, January J.
Mnir Ukelike, WLseberg. from Maul and Hawaii Stmr Iwalani, Cameron, from Kauai Situir C K Hishop, lavls, from liamakua stuir MokU, Mi4tregor, from KiUtn. bchr Waielu. from Waiaiike MonoaV, January I. steamship City f Sydney Ann, Ijearbom, from the Colon le i.
MoN day, January Z.
Kri Hesperian i Ann, Winding, from San Francisco schr Wakjti, from Kona schr Catenna, from Hanalei Skbr Fhukai, from Waiulua TrDAV, January Steamship Alameila Ann, Mors, 6 ilays and 19 hours front San Francisco liktne KhkitatlAm, Cutler. S la s from Port Town senl Bktne Kitsap Anir, ithiuson, is davs, from Port Town sernl thhr M trlou, from NawUiw

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