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Answer        : Senate passed resolution structing foreign relations commit.

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... suffering to thousands.
The constitution of Marine Courts of Inquiry held in Japan is exciting some attention.
In three cases recently before the Japanese Court three foreign masters of Japauese vessels have had their certifi cates suspended, the Court exercising a severity quite at variance with the facts set out in the evidence.
Mr. Iwata, a capitalist of Nishinoyima, has formed with some other wealthy people to form a steamship company.
They will commence operations with a single vessel, which is to cost S 10, 000. It is considered certain that after the capture of Racninh, China and France will accept the mediation of America.
The insurgents in Egypt have rendered the File below Duen impassible by sinking boats in the channel.
The Spanish Ministers, having tendered their resignations, King Alfonso has charg ed Seiior Canovas del Castillo with the task of forming a new Cabinet.
The Rritih government having protest id, the Chinese Lave stopped completing the blockade of the Canton River.
The British Post Oilice has made new and baiter arrangements for the forward ing of the American mail.
Prince Bismarck says England mu; set tie tin Egyptian muddle herslf. M. YathtiiJLton savs France will iirt aeii i ve coraim la r oVject Tonquin bfoiv she n gotiat ieis with China.
Marque s Tseng has been called upon by the French government to explain lan traace f mpiovcd bv him in a German re view touching the relatiois of France and , China.
Two arrests were made in Madrid for dogging the royal carriage.
The commercial treaties with Spain are ; favorably look, d upon by tiuMadrid Min . istry.
The liishop of Manchester was sustain ed in the Queens Bench for refusing to induct a ritualistic cleiuvman, Five Irishmen were arrested while at tacking a residence for the purpose of get ting arms. A mock funeral for ODeunell was held at his birthplace, aud was largely attended by the peasantry of Donegal.
The police of Paris are threatening a general strike.
The President has sent a message to Congress recommending an appropriation for a Greely relief expedition.
Secretary Chandler has sent directions to the commandant of the New York Navy Yard regarding the reception of the re mains of De Long and party, which are expected to reach New York about the loth February.
The bill for the relief of Fitz John Por ter was considered in the House and Gen eral Slocum spoke in its favor. A plan is under consideration to have all pensions jaid from the Treasury, thereby abolishing ail agents and agen cies.
The House passed the bill making an appropriation for the Greely relief expe dition.
The Senate passed a resolution in structing the Foreign Relations Commit tee to inquire into the discrimination against American products abroad and to report such legislation as shall protect American interests.
Senator Sewell reported a bill to in crease the annual appropriation for the militia from 200000 to 600000. The Commerce of the Pacific Ocean.
Krom the American Register. . A new era is approaching and is near at hand, when the ships and merchant marine of Europeans will cross the Isth mus of Panama, saving many thousands of miles of voyage, and reach the Pacific Ocean to compete with the people of the United States upon that rich field of trade, enterprise and wealth.
The Lesseps ship canal is in rapid progress.
Over forty thousand hands are said to be at work at it.
It will be completed and in operation in a few years, when the proud navies of European nations will aspire to supremacy on the Pacific.
The United States has a Pacific Coast of over a thousand miles to defend.
Leading naval officers of our Government have been recommending for many yeais a permanent foothold of the United States on the Sandwich Islands, as an outpost oi national defense.
It is the only one to be found, and yet our Government has made only a mere tempo rary arrangement as yet with the authori ties at Honolulu.
And some petty sugar refineries and sugar producers have even made war upon that, and insisted on the abrogation of it.
Unless some permanent arrangement can be made, by annexation or otherwise, for the lasting foothold of our country on this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, tem porary arrangement will soon go by the board after the ship canal across the Isthmus shall have been completed.
It is a matter of public notoriety that both England and France have at different times, for many years, sought to get con trol of the Sandwich Islands, as the key to the commeiee of this great ocean.
Not only does this cluster of islands furnish our only outpost for national defense, buj it is essential to the commerce of our people with the populous countries of Asia and the East Indies.
Can the people of the Unined States be so stupid as to overlook such great advantages?
YTe hope not.
The supremacy of this country em the Pacific Ocean, if maintained, must make it before many years the center of the com mercial world, and remove The interna tional clearancehouse from London to New York.
This is the undoubted future destiny of ur country if our people have sufficient foresight and capacity to main tain the advantage which nature has placed in their hands.
Trtg Wilson, formeily aa

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