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Answer        : Square american eaghvon a blue ground.. ...n Opal Oenti; Pin, set with four Garnet Stones, belnii pure in all respects.
This Pin is valued at IQ Tickets are S each.
Chances, 12j.
The Dianioii Iting and Pin may tie seen in the window of the inidprMuned Call and secure tiekets at once.
WISEMAN ASHLEY, JuO2v Campbells Block, Merchant strcet.
AU. BILLS DUE THE INDEKfcilUNED IT TO September 30th, 1S3, if uot settled on or before February 1st, ls, will be placed in the hands of a Collector. Jxilm W. E.
Notice of Partnership. rp HE INDEItsiGNED GIVE NOTICE THAT they have formed a copartnerhip for the puipose of carrying on biiiicss iu Honolulu, as follows: 1 Partners.
WING CHONG nnd HOW CHUNG both of Honolulu. . 2 Business.
Iletail Dealers in Chinese grMtres, teas, am! provisions. 3 Firm Name.
KWONG WA ON A CO. 4 Place of lu siiiess. So. U, Nuuauu St, Honolulu. jt 2wl Phosphate Meal 20, s jer cei titicatc ofgaiiMlysio AlSo.
California Bone tVieal AND SUPER PHOSPATS, FOlt SALE BY H.
FlINISH BALLAST TO VEfSEl, IN iA: iK or small quantities with promptness aud 1. oi. w He will also take contraeti to furnish stone to luMv i private parties.
Oiline over the Anchor salosn. auJiur Directory of tlie Police Department of the Kmpdom.
Marshal . . . . W. C.
Parke David Davton j iJeputy Marshal SheriOV Maui T. W.
Everett Waikapu Hawaii T. Severance Uilo Kanai s. W.
Wilcox Lilme Utpiitr Shrr III.
Ewa and Waianae . . . Waialua Koolauloa Koolaupoko Anakalea Kauoa . . . . Jesse Amara II.
Kauuihil Asa KauliH Maui.
Lahaina II.
Xew ton Kaanapali. J. A.
Kaukau Honuaula , S. D.
Kapeno Wailukti John liicharelson Mukawao S. F.
Chilliugworth Hana . J.
Gardner Molokai and Ianai K.
Lililchuu North Hilo. Hatnakua HA. VI. D. K.
Makuakane 1. F.
San ford Vacant G. P.
Kamauoha D.
Makainai Acting D.
IT. Naaintt F. Smith J. M.
Kauwila South Koliala North Kohala North Kona. . . South Kona . . . Kan Puna 1 Kavvi.
Nawiliwili Liljue Kawaihatl . Hanalei Saea. . AV. K. 11. Deverill S.
Kaui G. li.
Palohau J.
Kakina J. W.
Alapai J.
Kauai House Fligs Canicd by InterIsland and Foreign Stc imships and Sailing Vessels. . . P MS. S. o.
Swallowtail: with horizuital stripes of red, white, blue, white, red. O. ts. A.
Squaie; white ground, red border.
In centre, red star, encircled by blue ring. Posros and IloNonuLU Line. C.
Bbfwe Co.
Square, blue, red, and blue horizontal stripes.
PtosrEB Line, T. U. Davies i Co.
Hawaiian flag wih It. C. J.
Co. in white.
New Vobk ano nosoLCcu, Castle Cooke.
Square American eaghVon a blue ground.
Dispatch Line. F. A.
Schaefer Co Square; red, with t white Maltese Cross iu centre. , 1rihen Line, Hackfeld Square, white; rod horizontal stripe above and below, red cross in centre.
IvtebIlasd S. S.
CoSquare; white ground, with upper border red, lower border blue, lied ball in centre WnjEB i Co.
Square; red ground with V in white n ceure. Stmr Kilacea HonSquare ; white, with blue horizontal j stripe anove and below, nine It in centre. ! Stmr Waimanaio.
Square; red border above and j low. lied W iu ceutre. F.
Wondenbcbo Square; blue ground, white ball in cen tre, witn W in red iu white ball. AF.
Square; red ground with white ball in centr W. K.
Square; lue. with white square in centre.
Alies Routs son.
Square; white ground with uppe and lower borders blue.
Macfarlane Co.
Square; checkered in white and bin The Nettie Merrill.
Oil flag, square; blue gronn with white T in ceutre.
Xew Aug, buraee, blue tri angle above and below, with red point, white sta iu the red.
The Haleaxala.
Red burgee. FCoMTOS. white li01i011 Ftripw, with C in hlu in centre.
IT IS REQUESTED I HAT ALL COMMIJIICATIONS counected with the business of this paper, or of the P. C.
ADVERTISER , v. i PltlNTlNO OI ICE, be addreed to toe under , . . Mutinying lrprirlor.
Honolulu, Ocober 16, lo33. JOHN EDGAR PRACTICAL BOOT MAKER UAVIVU LOCATED I neit door to J. 1 RamseTa grocery, on Hotel street. ia now prrpareJ to fill all order intrusted ti him with I prciaptnej; rjpfclnng a specially; tevma, cash, jlylitf Advertisements. NOTICE TO PLANTERS. riiiE LVDEIWltJNKD AltE IUEtAltKl TO COX I strut t Furnaces, on th principles f their Patent for Sugar Millx, To Burn Wet Srsisii Mettassi direct f, iu the rollers, without any extra roils or preparation.
Their Furnaces have stood the test during the last and pnnt Masn without stoppage or C rouble. VI! contracts for the eoitruetion e f Furnaces on our patent are guaranteed by u.
No pay if not successful.
Enquirers are requested to Inspect the 1iirimccs Wltilvat Work n the Wnihee Pluutatioii. where evrv facilitv will te given them.
The Models may also be inspected at the Otbce, tiovernnieut Duildinits, Hjnoiura. should be addressed to th? unuersigiiEd, Post Honolulu, or to PAHICEK N.
MAKEE, Fei, Wcihee Plantation.
MA K E li llAICItE AVI HAPUfSON. dldfcwUm PHtenteei JPacific Coast BUSINESS eiilEOTOiV, IXCLiridNi The Hawaiian Islands. ai so City Directory of Honolulu. lWOO Pasesvcr JtOOJ Touns. L. P. 3lcKINXEV V CO, Puilishers, fr9 Tventyforth strict H Mo

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