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Answer        : Squires president office american house honolulu. ...o hopes of being returned, will probably save their money and withdraw from the contest.
For tho twentieth and last time we will make mention of the disgraceful condition of the side walk on King street, between the Bcttitl Church and tho Anchor Saloon.
After the heavy rains 011 Wednesday last tho sidewalk was impassable with out getting ankle deep in water.
It is surely sonio ouos business to see to this public nuisance.
It is not yet definitely known whether 1J an la 11 the champion oarsman, will take passage by tho S. SZealandia or not, In tho early part of this month ho was reported about to Icavo California for the East in company with Stevenson, the Cali fornia oarsman, to hold a race in eastern waters.
Mr. H. F.
Bertelman has retired from tho firm of Hardee Bertelman 11, late proprietors of tho Enterprise Planing Mill.
The business will in fu turo be carried ou by Mr.
Chas. J.
Hardee individ ually who also assumes all liabilities and will col lect all accounts duo the late firm. A certificate signed by the Superintendent, As sayist and other officers of the California mint has been rcceivod by the Minister of Finance testifying that the new Hawaiian coins are of tho aamo de gree of fineness as tho standard United States coins of like denominations. A telephone post was levelled 011 Tuesday last iu Emma street, through tho carelessness of a native who was lopping branches of a tree above the wires, before night it was reerected.
Endowment Hank K. of P This branch of tho Order of Knights of Pythias is very popular in the United States, and is stead ily increasing iu Honolulu, where it has been es tablished about one year.
For a very small out lay a brother can insuro his life for 4, 000, and feel confident that the money will be paid promptly at his death, and that his widow, orphan or other dependents, will not be left destitute.
On Saturday, the 12th inst, the retiring Presi dent, Brother Geo.
Williams, P.
C, installed the following officers, to serve during the present year.
John Cook, P.
C, President.
Ira A.
Burget, P.
C, Vice President.
Henry Smith, P.
C, Secretary and Treas urer.
Br John D.
Holt, Jr, Chaplain.
Chas. H.
Clark, Guide.
John Caspar, Guard.
Chan. L.
Hopkins, Sentinel.
The examining physicians are Doctors Mc Grow and Martin Hagan.
The Workdohe5s Unio. The Workiugmens Union of the Hawaiian Islands will hold their next meeting on 29th January, at 730 p. m, 1884, at their hall on King street, Honolulu.
Applications for membership may be sent to Mr. Z. Y.
Squires, President, office at the American House, Honolulu.
The initiation fee of 1 should accompany all ap plications.
Applicants will be recommended and if approved of in meeting, will be elected to mem bership.
Copies of Constitution and ByLaws will be sent free to all workingmen on these Islands.
The motto of the Union is, equal justice to all, and to U30 their influence to more fully protect Workingmena interests against a large and unnec essary influx of Chinese about to be landed on these shores.
By order of Executive Committee, Z. Y. 8ouires, President. 3 re ; v . i ts.


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