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Answer        : Van brocklin eminent american civil engineer route. ...ences.
Wahineaukai, same charge, plea guilty.
Sentenced to three months and fined 10 to begin at expiration of former sentence. H.
Hibket forfeited bail of 10 for furious driving. A nolle pros, was entered in case of Muu k and Kamana w charged with adultery.
Wednesday, April 16th, 1884. One drunkard forfeited bail of S6, and an other, a female, entered a plea of guilty, and was fined S5 and 3. Kahiwai Malia w forfeited bail of 10 on a charge of disturbing the quiet of the night.
Cavenagh, an expressman and M.
Mi chel were charged with an affray.
Michel forfeited bail of 10. Cavenagh was repri manded and discharged. HMnnroe, charged with carrying a pistol forfeited bail of 10. John Dougherty was charged, under Chap ter C2, Section 3, Penal Code relating to de sertion.
John llussell appeared for the defendant.
Remanded until the 17th inst.
Uma, charged with larceny, was brought up on remand and further remanded until the 17th instant.
Thursday, April 17th, 1SS4. Hanakalii and Nuuanu were charged with affray.
They were found wanting when called, having forfeited bail of 10 each.
Henry Keith pleaded guilty to charge of assault and battery, and was fined 3 and 3 costs.
John DoLerty appeared on remand for de sertion.
Mr. J. M.
Davidson appeared for the prosecution, and Mr.
John Russell for the defense.
Again remanded until 22d instant.
Uma pleaded guilty to attempt at larceny on board the Bark Kalakaua.
Being an old offender he was sentenced to six months imprisonment at hard labor.
Costs 1 30. CIVIL.
Haole vs.
Trespass; damages laid at 56. Mr.
John Russell for the defendant.
Judgment for the defendant.
Costs 4 15. Antonio de Freitas vs.
Manuel de Silva.
Action on Promissory note for 30. Mr.
John Russell for Plaintiff.
Judgment for amount claimed, with interest, attorneys commission and costs amounting to 37 50. Ah Fong vs.
All See.
Action on Promis sory note for 80. Mr.
Davidson for Plain tiff.
Judgment for Plaintiff for amount claimed with interest, attorneys commission and cost3. Total 95 95. Appeal noted to the Supreme Court.
Ah Wai vs.
Ah Chew and Ah Wai.
Tres pass; damages 200. Mr.
Hartwell for the Plaintiff; Mr.
John Russell for Defendants, i Continued to 24th instant. ; One other case continued and one settled out of Court.
The Ship Railway Across Mexico.
The Summary is the authority for the following The ship railway across the Mexican Isthmus of Tehauntepec is being pressed forward in earnest.
The survey of the isthmus has been completed under the care of Mr.
Van Brocklin, an eminent American civil engineer. A route with even more moderate gradients and cuttings than were expected has been adopted, and the works have been commenced Mr. J.
Eads, C. E, the builder of the great steel bridge across the Mississippi at St.
Louis, and whose improvement of the Mississ ippi navigation has opened up New Or leans to ships of the deepest draught, is now in London concerting business ar rangements with shipowners and others, and the probabilities is that the ship rail way will come under British control finan cially and otherwise.
Several gentlemen eminent in and in connection with the shipping world, are taking the subject up warmly, as this route will shorten the sail ing distance between Europe and the North American Pacific Coast, including, of course the British Possessions, by more than 8000 statute miles, and is 1200 miles less than the Panama route.
Newspaper Circulations.
The following sound advice, given by the Publishers Bulletin, might be read with advantage by those who are inclined to puff themselves untruthfully.
Let those to whom it applies, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest: There is nothing in our estimation which lessens the tone of newspapers so much as the systematic padding of circu lation.
Most newspaper publishers are now approached by the average business man with the idea that he is treating with a man who wants to sell two feet of silk for a yard, or 150 pounds of flour for a barrel.
In no other business is the en tire force assailed as swindlers and falsi fiers.
And why Simply because of the pernicious habits of some newspaper pro prietors claiming more circulation than they really have, and which the entire community know they have not.
We do not assail any paper in particular, but mean to war against the habit which is sapping the best blood of the business, and lowering the members of the fourth estate.
We aim to induce a change from this premeditated enlargement of circula tion on paper, and bring all publishers to deal fairly with their fellow business men, as men generally do who buy and sell by some standard.
Honest publishers now adays have very hard lines.
If they give their real circulation some rival will bra zenly assert double his circulation, and both will be measured up by the same rule and neither believed The Canadian Sugar Tariff.
Among the proposed changes in the tar iff of the Dominion is the repeal of the present duties on sugar and syrup and the subsitution of the following Sugar, provided it b imported direct without transhipment from country of growth, above No.

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