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Answer        : Exchange hawaiian foreign silver coinage american lively. ...hape.
Labor is in demand in this district and as high as 24 per month is being paid.
With the present state of trade the planters feel such prices keenly, and in fact must get cheaper labor.
We hear that Messrs Holmes and Brodio are expected back soon.
We shall be more than glad to shake hands with them.
Quarterly Exhibition.
The quarterly exhibition of Sunday Schools at Kaumakapili was held at that institution on Sunday.
It was well attended.
The attendance of scholars, young and old, was large.
The scholars passed a very creditable examination.
The junior class, under the direction of Mr, L. J.
Nahola Hipa, consisted of thirty juyeniles ranging from four to ten years of age, and they ex celled themselves. A song composed by Honolulu Waena Sunday School for the new church stirred up the congregation, the theme being very imposing.
The sum of 29 was taken up for the benefit of the Church.
The Reformatory School Band furnished the music.
Burglarize. Somewhere in the vicinity of midnight of last Saturday and Sunday, the bathhouse of James Dodd, known as the Long Branch, at Waikiki, was burglarized.
The trunk of the keeper of the premises was taken out of one of the rooms in the bathhouse, which he occupies as a sleepingroom.
It was taken while he was attending to a picnicing party.
The evidence is that the parties re moved the trnnk from the room to the beach to a point below the bathhouse, and break ing it open, removed therefrom 50 in money, a bankbook, and other articles, and then sent, the violated trunk adrift at sea.
Later on, when the owner missed the safe of his worldly effects, he found it floating near the beach, rifled of all its contents, with the exception of a fine flute, which he highly prizes.
There is yet no clue to tho burglars. A Mistaken Arrest.
Hiram Kainoa, one of the Government sol diers at the barracks, was arrested on Satur day afternoon, ne was charged with fur nishing the man Kailipaka with the second bill of exchange on the Oriental Banking Company, made by the Bank of California, Bishop Co. agents, which the latter at tempted to raise money on.
Kailipaka said the mans name was.
Kapu or Koku, who gave him the bill.
The arrest was a mis take, and Hiram Kainoa was discharged when the facts were discovered yesterday.
The steamer Alameda will leave tomorrow at noon for San Francisco.
Mr. W. O.
Atwater has taken the place of Mr.
John S.
Smithies in the Interior De partment.
There were 2933 letters and 734 papers sent by the steamer City of Sydney yesterday morning at 5 oclocK.
The exchange of Hawaiian for foreign silver coinage other than American is some what lively at the bank now.
After thirtyfour years of official serviced we understand that Marshal Parke has re signed.
It is said that he will be succeeded dj jar. j. ii. ooper.
Yesterday morning there were special ser vices held in the English and Roman Catho lic churches, it being tho ceremony of the feast of St.
Michael and All Angels.
The Bank Bishop Co, returned to the Treasury, yesterday, Mexican and fivefrancs silver dollars amounting to 34000. and j Lyons Levey will sell today, at 10 oclock, at the residence of Mrs.
No. 8 Kukui street, the entire househould furniture, and also a lot of fine canary birds.
Bargains are in order. v We regret toearn the death, yesterday afternoon, of the daughter of Mr. J. A.
Hassinger, of the Department of the In terior.
She has been ill for some time, and was about eighteen years of age.
There, will be two mail deliveries tomorN row by the Postoffice on tho Alameda.
One will close at 10 oclock a. m, the other at 11 a. m.
The latter being accommodation costs an additional five cents postage for each letter.
Road Supervisor Hart is getting in some good work in the way of improving the roads on the inauka side of the Palama road at the end of the Dodd station, and also on King street, between Fort and Alakea streets.
The road from Honolulu to Wailai in the vicinity of the signal dock or telegraph sig nal station for about one and a half miles is in the worst condition of any ono of the roads in the island.
It is reported that brakeriders carry balance poles, and that saddle horses have to show great agility in getting over that road. A contest between two crews of the Hono lulu Boat Club, S. B.
Dole and Charley Wilson Captains, respectively, yesterday afternoon had a timed roce over the re gatta course, for the purpose of having the winning Captain choose a crew for the re gatta in November.
We have not yet learned the name of the successful Captain.
Some changes will occur in the Custom House in consequence of Mr.
Morrills re signation of office, Mr Markham will suc ceed Mr.
Morrill, stepping into a position which his father held for many years with credit to himself.
Certain promotions will follow among other officers, and Mr.
Harry W.
Auld leaves the Interior Department to fill the junior position at the Custom House Applicants at the Treasury for the exchange of silver have kept the hall of the Govern ment Building lively during the last few days.
Today being the last day for such exchange, there wi

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