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Spencer, deceased, Notwithstanding the excitement attend ant upon the reception of the news by the Alameda, there were but few drunks run in at the Police Station last Saturday night.
The weather owing to the fine rain that was falling was quite cold for those who wore white hats, about the time the Ala meda came alongside tho wharf.
There waa a lot of chillBlains caught. K ; One of the Hawaiians who stowed away On board the bark C. O.
Whitmore on her last voyage from this port, has been sent jjack by James G.
Swan, Esq, Hawaiian Consul at Port Towasend. I I By Presidential decree the date for the next great Universal Exposition in Paris has been fixed for May 6, 1889. That leaves just about enough time for Hawaii to pre pare an exhibit, moving at her aceustomed pace in such matters.
The business like and popular purser of the Alameda has taken unto himself a fair wife, and the happy pair have the best wishes of all who know the bridegroom nd hope to know the bride, for, their health and lifelong happiness.
An amusing incident happened on Sat urday.
One of the Blaine party, who, on hearing of Clevelands triumph, had had his white tile painted brown, met a lady acquaintance, and forgetting the paint wag still wet, raised his hat, and immediately shook the ladies whitekid gloved hand.
An analysis of the popular vote cast here on the 3d shows that there was 26 States represented.
Of these, 16 were Republican, representing 108 electoral votes, and 10 Democratic, representing 127 electoral votes.
Hence the majority of electoral rotes for Blaine was 41, which was three more than the actual number for Cleveland in the States. . The Hon. L.
Aholo hasreturned from his visit to tho United States, and expresses himself as. very much pleased and interested in what he saw and heard.
He was pre sented to President Arthur, at tho White House, by H. H.
Minister Resident, Mr. H. A. P.
Carter, and had an opportunity whilo in the States of seeing much that was new and interesting.
The Herald of Trade says, under date Nov. 15th: Work on tho Classified Busi ness Directory of San Francisco, George Bowser publisher, is progressing rapidly and satisfactory.
The sale of the book promises to largely exceed expectations.
Mr. J. E.
Wiseman, Honolulu, has been appointed agent for the islands.
He will receive sub scriptions and advertisements . The Hawaiian bark Augusta, recently libelled at Port Townsend, and sold by the U. S.
Marshal, is now at Port Blakely, undergoing repairs, the cost of which ig estimated at twice the sum the vessel brought.
It is intended to place her under the American flag.
Heretofore she sailed under a Consular certificate granted by the Hawaiian Consul at San Francisco.
Another San Francisco journalist is visit ing the Islands Mr. M.
Guenblatt, editor of the German Democrat, which, in spite of its name, is a supporter of the Republican party.
Mr. Gueenblat proposes to spend a few weeks in the Kingdom, and will go to windward per steamer Kinau today.
Brother journalists who wish to pay their respects to him will find him domiciled at the Hawaiian Hotel when in town.
Last Wednesday afternoon, tho 19th inst, while one of the Portuguese laborers of Ookala Plantation, Hawaii, was engaged in conveying sugar to the S. S.
Lehua, a big rock rolled down the steep hill at the land ing, and struck him on the head, crushing the skull in completely, causing instan taneous death.
The Portuguese was a valued workman.
His name is Antone Silva, and he leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss.
His Ex. H. A. P.
Carter and Hon. J.
Mott Smith lately paid a visit to Washington to examine a diffusion sugar plant.
This had been put for experimental purposes at the expense of the Govenment of tho United States, and is to have a trial in Louisiana.
It is claimed for the pro cess that the results are 15 per cent better than by crushing.
Drawings of the ma chinery were sent by the Alameda to Messrs. C.
Brewer it Co, Limited and to Messrs.
Castle Cooke.


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