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2 THE PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, OCTOBER 281884 DO YOU WANT A Fine Horse A Fast Trotter? A Thoroughbred Kacer An Elegant Koadster?

Or a Gentle Family Horse?
FOE SALE To arrive per W. HDimond, now due, 10 head of horses, direct from the world renowned Palo Alto Breeding Establish ment of Got.
The lot compris es the following animals.
CLEMENTINE Publie record, 221. Brown mare, 15 a hands, by Addison, Jr, ho by Addison, son of Old Vermont and Black Hawk.
This is one of the most noted as well as one of the fastest mares that ever appeared on the American turf.
She was campaigned two seasons by Budd Doble, the trainer and driver of Goldsmith Maid, during which time she won over 59 races and 35500. in stakes and purses, retiring with a public record of 221, which mark she was then, and is still capable of lowering.
She is perfectly sound, and as fast as she ever was. ALABAMA Bay mare, eired by Robt. E.
Lee; he by Id St.
Clair, dam Melinche, dam of Fred Crocker, 2year old record 2254 This mare is fast, but has no public record.
She is prize beauty and kind enough for ladies ns6. MENLO, Blood bay gelding, 5 years old.
By Mo hawk Chief, lie by Rysdyks llambletonian, lam Mater Occidents dam of Occident 2164. This is one of the handsomest colts on the place, and from his breeding ought to provo a winner in any class.
Is well broken and said to be very promising.
Stanford paid 20000 each for Mohawk Chief amd Gn.
Benton. BENTON BOY Sorrel gelding, C years old, by Gen.
Ben ten.
Dam, the fast trotting mare Aurora, public record 227, she by John Nelson, son f imported Trustee.
Handsome, stylish, kind, very speedy, and line size.
CORNET Bay gelding, foaled May 1st, 1878, sired by Contractor, he by Aj ax, son of Rysdyks Hambletonian. 1st dam, Bona, by Black woodhe by Alexander Norman; 2nd dam by Lost Causa; 3rd dam by Mambrino Chief.
This horse is a trotter, and any young follow that has a nice girl should secure him at once.
He is said to have shown flights of speed way down. ROBIN . Cieitnut gelding, by Kentucky Hunter; dam by Jack Hawkins son of imported Glencoe. This horse can beat 240. He is very gen tle, will stand anywhere without hitching, but is very spirited and stylish, and a fine looking animal. 0KB MATCHED SPAN OF BLACK MARES, No white; 15 hands high, 4 and 5 years full sisters, sound, kind, and well broken; single and double, very gentle, will stand without hitching.
Thoronglibreds. BELL BOYD Blood bay mars, black points, 5 years old, by Springbok; he by imported Aus tralian, dam Hester, by Lexington. 1st dam, Boydana, by Imp.
Knight of St.
George, eon of Irish Birdcatcher; 2nd dam, Sally Wallace, by Star Davis; 3rd dam, Evelyn, by American Eclipse; 4th dam, Hannah JIaree, by Gohanna; 5th dam, Sally Maree, by Carolinian; Gth dam, by Imp.
Jack An drew; 7th dam, by Imp.
Driver; 8th dam, by Imp.
Fearnapght; 9th dam, by Imp.
Ariel, eon of Mortons Imp.
Traveler; 10th dam, by Gainos Careless, son of Imp.
Obscurity; 11th dam, by Imp.
This mare is a beauty Although strictly thoroughbred, she has never been raced, but has been kept by the Governor as a private family saddle animal for ladies use exclu sively.
She very gentle. ner sire, Springbok, has the best record ever made at 2 miles and a quarter, in dead heat with Preakness for the Saratoga Cup July 29th, 1875; time35GUt which still stands at the head of the list at the distance.
BAY FILLY, foaled January 21th, 1S82, bv Shannon, full brother to Molly Mc Carthy, Shannon by Monday dam Hennie Farrovr, by Imp.
Shamrock; 2nd dam, Ida, by Eelshazzar; dam Boydana, dam of Bell Boyd. This filly is very large for her age, hand borne as a picture.
She is in appearance and breeding superior to. the two sensational Shannon colts, Freeda and Shenandoah, who both last year in their twoyear old form, made a record of 142 4. She has never been mounted, and her dam was one of the highest priced and most valued mares that was evet brought from the East to Palo Alto.
The above animals will all be guaranteed sound as represented.
Some of them we expected to keep and not offer for sale, byt and offer the entire lot for sale.
In so do ing we do not expect to obtain fabulous prices, but will sell them as low or even lower than inferior animals have been sold heretofore.
Marshfield, Oct. 25, 18S4. 130 tf Order of Procession FOR rsnnrxnrsRDr of The Late Honorable s, Se Panali Sis Undertaker.
Marshal of the Kingdom.
Mechanics Benefit Union. Honolulu Fire Department. Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Ahahui Opiopio Puuwai Lokahi.
Ahahui Poola.
Ahahui Opiopio Imi Pono Kristiano o Kauniakapili.
Attending Physicians. . Konohikix of Lands of the late Mrs.
Governor of Oahu and Staff.
Kings Own.
Princes Own.
Kings Guard.
Servants of the Deceased.
The Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.
Menseigneur The Right Reverend Bishop of Olba, VicarApostolic of the Hawaiian Islands.
The Clergy of the Anglican Church.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Honolulu.
Protestant Clergy.
Officiating Clergyman. u O KM 8

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