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... the Hawaiiau schools are eminently correct.
No matter in what quarter it may be necessary to make retrenchment, let the school house, aud everything appertaining to education be the last to suffer.
The Bulletin epitaph last Tuesday on the Mounted Police was clever.
We dont always agree with our highly esteemed aud slanderous con temporary on matters in general, but we are willing to give it credit for a good thing when it achieves it.
Mr. Couxwell was mistaken in his impressions of Langford, Jrs pedigree, as will be seen by an ex tract from the Breeder and Sports man, published in another column, and regretted his error in conversa tion with us yesterda3. But that he was not alone in his impresion is confirmed by Mr.
Simpsons state ment that this idea prevails to cer tain extent among the horsemen of the Coast.
The decrease of the United States public debt during July is 390328; cah in the treasury, 40591000; gold certificates, 113017320; silver certificates, 120404341; certificate of deposit, 13230000; refunding cer tificates, 274350; legal tenders, 3466S1016; fractional currency, 697S49. Reciprocity mid It Fruit How Our Hawaiian Tratle Iu thrown.
It is but a few years since the pro position to have reciprocity, with the Hawaiiau Islands, favored by the leading merchants of the city, and opposed but by few, received the stamp of Congressional approbation, aud then became the will of the people of the United States.
It then seemed desirable, from a political as well as from a commercial standpoint, that this close connection should be made with these fertile islauds, and the results have abundantly proved the wisdom of those who favored the movement.
The rapid growth of trade with the Islands exceeds anything before wit nessed on the coast, while its present development promises still better for the future.
In the first place, the group has been made practically American, most of the capital In vested there during the past few years being American capital the trade of the group being carried on for the most part by Americans, anil the mercantile name being essentially American.
To show the importance of its trade, we need only remark that out of all the countries with which we have had relations, it shows the largest import trade for the past half year 4858850 out grand total ot 17917457 by sea, or twentyeveu per cent, of the whole more than thirty per cent, in excess of China, nearly double that of Japan, nearly fivefold that of England, while if the value of the teas and silks from China and Japan shipped East be deducted, it exceeds them much more largely still.
And this does not represent money paid out to the Hawaiians with no reciprocal exchange, for besides the exports thither which support a large fleet of vessels, all sailing under the American flag, and built in American ports, the freights on goods both ways, the brokerage, profits, insurance, in terest on California money invested in the plantations themselves, all accrue to the United States much of it to San Francisco.
It lias also built up a flourishing California industry in which millions of dollars are in vested, aud which, instead of being subject to heavy competition from the East, invades the trade regions of the Eastern manufactures, and with success.
What more can be desired in the line of success in commercial mat ters a flourishing trade, a flourish ing manufacturing industry, and a thoroughly American commercial marine; American interests para mount, American capital supreme, nearly all the profits coming to crown American industries in a thousand lines with a measure of success.
Given a score of industries the fruits of such a treaty, each of the average value of ten million dollars, each with its grand army of workmen both in it and in all allied enterprises, each supporting its fleet of American built ships, and what prosperity would be the. result.
The Hawaiian Reciprocity Treaty has been productive of great benefits to California.
We want more such treaties with neighboring countries, and particularly with SpanishAmerica.
The cry against this particular trent has perceptibly weakened, and in the future will doubtless cease.
We need more reciprocity instead of less. . F.
Journal of Commerce.
The Appropriation Bill is progressing slowly.
The discussion on a single police mans salary lasts an hour or two on a ques tion of 5 or 10. This cannot be very profitable work for the country, and does not bear the semblance of retrenchment. A MISSION OF MERCY. 2tirii olttie. S.
WnlninnaloQuick IVorlt A IIfc Saved.
On Saturday morning lu: at halfpast two oclock the S. S.
Waimanalo left this harbor for Lnnai, via Waimanalo, having been chartered by Mr.
Gibson to proceed with all possible dispatch to Avaloa. whera Captain Smith of the schooner Mary Alice was reported to be lying with a broken log and in a sinking condition.
The services of Dr.
Kuelm, th newly appointed physi cian for Lahaina, were called into requi sition.
Provhlel with all the necessary paraphernalia for the utmost emergency, not knowing the exact condition of affairs, the doctor auswored tho summons and lost no time.
Waimanalo was reached and tho deckload of the steamer discharged, tho do

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