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Answer        : Stated present system works detrimental american interests.

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Cleghorn thought they ought to vote for Portuguese as well as Japanese.
In his opinion, 6000 Japanese could be brought here for 300000. Mr.
Bishop movcil that all the moneys received from planters be returned into the Treasury.
Mr. Howells motion, with Mr.
BMiops amendment, was carried.
In reply to Mr. liowell, Mr.
Gulick said there were sufficient applications for another shipload of Portuguese.
Rowell then moved that 90000 bo inserted for Portuguese immigration.
Mr. Hitchcock asked if any change had been made in the contracts, as he felt sore that the planters would not take another shipment of Portuguese with similar con tracts to those received by the S. S.
City of Paris.
In reply to Mr.
Bishop, the Minister stated that the applications on hand for Portuguese were made during the first quar ter of the year, and none of them had been countermanded since.
Item of S90000 passed.
The committee ii whom was referred the Courthouse and Lockups, recommended to insert for Hawaii 0200 Kauai 500 Maui 500 Oahu 500 37700 Passed.
Mr. W O.
Smith moved that an item IjQ inserted for Improvements of Oahu Jail 10000 He advocated utilizing the jail at Lahaina.
Cleghorn asked how he proposed to employ the prisoners at Lahaina Mr.
Smith On plantations. . Mr.
Cleshorn thought so, and he strongly objected to any such course being adopted.
To put prisoners in the field to work along side respectable laborers was highly degrad ing to the latter class.
In his opinion, all prisoners ought to be brought to Hono lulu to work on the roads.
Smith repeated what ho had often be fore stated about the disgraceful conduct of Oahu Jail.
The alloted time for the consideration of the Appropriation Bill having elapsed, the Committee rose and reported progress.
The President appointed on the Select Committee to consider tho item of Palace Stables, the Minister of the Interior, Rich ardson, Keau, Nawahi and Bush.
The Minister of Finance moved a reconEideration of tho resolution passed yesterday on tho subject of duties being paid in gold.
Smith asked if His Majestys Minis ters had had any communication from the United States Minister Resident.
Tho AttorneyGeneral said he had had a conversation with him. ne had stated that the present system works detrimental to American interests on the islands.
The question is solely to retain amicable re lations between the Islands and the United States. A resolution was passed suspend ing tho payment in gold pending the pass age of the Currency Bill.
That bill having passed, it wa3 only right to put the gold law in force.
Under such circumstances a reso lution like that passed yesterday might be construed into an unfriendly act on the part of the Assembly towards the United States Government.
Tho relations between the Islands and the United States are of some what greater importance than ever before, owing to the present depression in the price of the staple article of produce.
The motion to reconsider tho resolution was carried. ; Mr.
Kaulukou moved it be indefinitely postponed, Mr.
Kalua moved that it be laid on the table, and that in the near future one of His Majestys Ministers confer with the U. S.
Minister on thi3 subject.
Mr. Aholo moved it be referred to the At torneyGeneral.
Mr. Frank Brown said he introduced the resolution, as he wanted to satisfy himself where all the notices that had appeared in the papers originated from.
The AttorneyGeneral said he hoped the motion to lay on table would prevail, as he thou eh t some amicable arrangement could be arrived at.
Motion to lay on table was carried.
Dole presented the following rcsolu tion: Be it resolved, That the Minister of For eign Affairs be instructed to confer with the American Minister Resident upon the mat ter of tho payment or Hawaiian duties m gold, and to arrange, if practicable, with him for a postponement of tho time when such duties shall be required to bo paid in gold to the 1st September, 1SS4 Dr. J.
Mott Smith disagreed with the res olution entirely.
Ho considered it undig nified to confer with the U. S.
Minister on M nnestion.
It seemed to him that the disability spoken of was entirely construction of the law. wrong The AttorneyGeneral said the United States Government, through its Minister, protested against the law being abrogated, as interfering with treaty stipulations.
The United States Government had ratified the rotest of their Minister Resident.
He sup ported the resolution of the member for Lihue.
Motion loat.
The Chairman of the Printing Committee reported as printed the report of the AttorneyGeneral on expenditures, under the head of Criminal Expenses and also one by the Minister of the Interior regarding road taxes.
Second reading of a bill relating to pro ceedings in bankruptcy.
Referred to Judiciary Committee.
Second reading of a bill to provide for the recovery of stolen property.
Referred to Judiciary Committee.
Consideration of a bill referring to Jus tices of the Supreme Court, in Committee of the Whole, Mr. A. S.
Cloghorn in the Chair.
Kalua moved the first section be in

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