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Answer        : Tiiat thermometers arc sold asmngton american city.

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...ment wun newiymamea I COUDles. as freouentlv tho bridegroom for. aherJ he is arain oanrrl tWWlr . v o lne aosentminded man came up to in quire what time the train left for M for that place in Virginia, you know, which i v. . J J V , the clerk interpreted to mean Richmond.
Tlie JDude of the Fnture Philadelphia Times.
Let no sane man or woman imagine tht the dude is really going away to stay.
What the ladies love remains, whether pugs, or poodles, or dudes.
On general principles a tailor is, of course, an au thority on dudes.
That is, he may bo an authority on a dudes clothes.
But even among dudes, clothes do not wholly mako 7, vu nuvw . huirmn mnrh W rln thv HMrm nn rimal tw. fftto dudaS5 reonrearint on the. fishionn! thn reappearincr on the fashionable thorouxrb. fares of this planet.
Tailors and their olnth oc mair rnmn arA r , AA stmts L Tore vr g Iu truth rlothps w511 An n mn JB V Xt W , l m i , f miugs ior cie ; cr people, men and women.
But come to that, they will not and do not add a cubit or a shading to the real body underneath. A keen eye detects a deforma tion or a grace of body through the most deceiving or the coarsest clothing.
Much Jess will clothes give the dude an intellec tual look beyond the actual calibre of the mind.
It is however a good thing to find that the dude is about to ape intellectu ality.
It shows that the old divine spark has not wholly run out of their short tail coats and kimbo nrrrm SS? to ctothS0 witho The world is well sow wc That is clotlies aping brains, mc auae ot thc luture Mow FlsH Are Distributed.
Dr. C. C.
Abbott There are too many possible ways by which fish can be transported lon di stances for us to assert that none of them have operated in stocking a neighboring stream with species not native and to tho manner born.
There is undoubted evi dence on record of whirlwinds gathering up immense numbers of minute fish and landing them miles away.
These shower of fishes, frogs, and even salamanders, are not unknown, even if thev am iinrnTrTnr, and strange would it be if all such wind transported species should fall ground, and never into the water.
Fcrtif lzed eggs, too, can likewise be blown a ln distance even over low ranges of hills which sometimes separate river valleys ad so give rise to a race of fishes that prc viously were unknown in the locality.
Eggs, to might readily adhere to the U1UU onen enngs to the feet of wad mS Dims, and would thus be rntlv ro Piaceu in a aisant river, miles away fron that in which they were denositl bv thn nv T rn tt1 parent fish. J The Incessant Fluctuations.
Harpers ViTeekly.
It is said tiiat more thermometers arc sold in asmngton than in any other American city of equal size.
The in cessant fluctuations of the mercury it is explained, wear out the tubes, allem, husband calls 3 wife Lightning, because she seldom strike.
Mm twice m the same place o j i O I j . I A y if v i i I 1 N , . . i; Li: I f. 47 t . i ? : Pi M. 11 r. I Ml f v


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