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YesteryearChronicle allows to search 200 years worth of historic newspapers published in the United States. The data has been made available by the Library of Congress via OCR scans. To initiate a search, either enter a question, or supply a list of search terms. The search engine is capable of handling questions phrased in English.

Screenshot Standard Search Result

Besides retrieving full text search results, this newspaper search engine also provides a list of alternative search terms based on the supplied input. Each search result provides a detailed link to a referenced snipped of newspaper text.

Screenshot Retrieved Newspaper Page

Clicking on any of the displayed search results, opens the referenced text snipped in a separate browser tab, thereby automatically positioning and prominently highlighting the target text. The retrieved text is shortened to an easily manageable chunk of newspaper text.

Screenshot Newspaper Page with highlighted search result

At the botton of each retrieved search result page, information relevant to the original data source is included. This information includes the name of the newspaper and the year of publication, as well as a hyperlink referencing the original digitialized image of the newspaper page on which the retrieved text was found.

Screenshot Actual Digital Image of Newspaper Page

By clicking on the referenced hyperlink, the original newspaper page is opened in a new browser tab for further perusal. All data sources are managed by the Library of Congress, and all textual data was derived from an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scan of the digitalized images of each and every newspaper page.

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