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  1. It Person residing in any part of the Ignited spates can limit the amount of subscription dues Ct these papers in American stamps.
    Person residing part Ignited papers American stamps

  2. American European Merchandise tel do of A.
    American European Merchandise tel do of A.

  3. The French espotlho the case of their artist, and intend given him a dinner, while the Americans backup their countrywoman, who since fight years has expended a fortune among and upon Parisians.
    French espotlho case artist dinner Americans backup

  4. But when he sneers at Americans having more dollars than taste for the line arts, he should remember they have always been his best clients, since fifty years ago when he painted pictures at five francs per square yard for the American market, up to Ids Charge of those French Dragoons fora.
    sneers Americans dollars taste yard American market

  5. The Americans have, it appears, also been turning their attention to processes for the treatment of sugarcanes by which crushing shall avoided, and we understand that certain machinery has been undergoing trial at Washington during the last four years with this object in view.
    Americans appears turning attention processes treatment sugarcanes

  6. That treaty began the domestication of American influence on the islands, where English influence had been dominant, Englands plan of dealing with isolated peoples like the islanders had been to control them corruptly or capture them by conquest.
    treaty began domestication American influence islands English

  7. Driven out of friendly relations, which thrive on reciprocal Made with Hawaii, our coastline will be naked to the ocean and defenseless, with not a friendly port in he sea where an American ship can cast anchor.
    Driven friendly relations thrive sea American ship

  8. By virtue of our retreat from the field she has occupied she has just dared to hang an American citizen in one of her jail yards, without due process, with our Congress protesting, our President trying her to protect International law, and our Minister to her Court cooling his heels at the front door of one of her lackeys and bruising his knuckles with the knocker While an American was being strand led by a British Ketch.
    virtue hang American citizen knocker American strand

  9. Had it entered this commerce in an Eastern port, and poured its sweet stream into the sugar refineries of New York we would not hear the Congressmen of that State asked to donate to England the profits made possible by American genius and belonging to American citizens.
    entered profits American genius belonging American citizens

  10. Pacific will always be very acceptable. Persona residing In any part of the United States can remit the amount of subscription dues for these papers in American stamps.
    Pacific acceptable Persona residing papers American stamps

  11. He discussed matters with his Ministers, then, shut up in his private room, he studied the new situation in which the death of his brother had placed him, his own past, his acquaintanceships and his political friendships. A partisan of progress, liberal by conviction, absolute by family tradition and character, Kamehameha had, up to this time, appeared to lean by preference towards the American party, which now based great hopes upon his accession.
    discussed matters Ministers shut preference American party

  12. The American party, which was the most numerous, the strongest, and the most ambitious, expected great things from their intimacy with the Prince.
    American party numerous strongest ambitious expected great

  13. This proposal did not altogether take me by surprise, yet influenced without being aware of it by the general opinion which pointed to the chiefs of the American party as called to power, I was astonished by an offer which seemed to indicate tendencies on the part of the King so opposed to those for which he was given credit. In fact everybody knew that I was, if not an adversary of the American party, certainly a partisan from conviction of the independence of the kingdom.
    proposal chiefs American party adversary American party

  14. Asa Frenchman, I had neither the political sympathies of the Americans, nor those of the Protestant missionary party. I replied to Mr.
    Asa Frenchman political sympathies Americans, Protestant missionary

  15. Irvings company are somewhat disappointed in being overlooked by the American press.
    Irvings company disappointed overlooked American press

  16. The governing: received ai arther sup plc of St50o0 on Titedav in no dollar I pieces. A premium of par cent, was changed It Monday fm a draft for 110 anthe Chin in exchange for American coin.
    governing received arther plc exchange American coin

  17. Indeed, our captain who is a young American of about years of age has had several serious adventures in this line and informs us that we would be expected to assist in using these arms incase of necessity.
    captain young American years age adventures line

  18. India and elsewhere, they till letheed fashioned, uncomfortable ear which makes ravel so tedious and wearying, cars which would be hooted holland American road.
    India letheed fashioned uncomfortable holland American road

  19. The will not mix, and even the Angloamericanchhio Ila italian is not equal to this chemical task.
    mix Angloamericanchhio Ila italian equal chemical task

  20. We are sorry that this bulwark of American interests is so fearfully flabbergasted.
    bulwark American interests fearfully flabbergasted

  21. Oh the 11th the American bark i. , from Samoa, on a trailing voyage, through the group, and then hence to San Francisco, via Jesuit, came to anchor off i the island, and Captain Meander came ashore; and, upon application being made to him by Captain Tripp fora passage for the wrecked people to Jesuit, stated that he could not take so large a number 1u laborers, and the crew of twelve 2s in allas he had not water sufficient, and it would be impossible for him to procure a sufficient supply in the group lie, however, offered to provide passage for Capt.
    11th American bark Samoa trailing voyage group

  22. England has a pressing concern in the suppression of this obnoxious class, but American law has no word to say about them.
    England pressing suppression obnoxious class American law

  23. Iii oct 83w Wing To Chanco, Importer ami General Dealer in English, American and Chinese rrovlaions, Plantation Tea and General Supplies.
    Iii oct 83w Wing English American Chinese

  24. Kcal Single and eiierai Meihiilie proper trended of An lori American European Merciiaiurse i It bs dvwtf
    Kcal Single eiierai Meihiilie lori American European

  25. The idea that the Government of this country is run by a few American sugar planters must be very amusing to the planters themselves, who like their fellow planters in Fiji are much troubled that they cannot accomplish that feat.
    idea Government country run American sugar planters

  26. Square American eaghvon a blue ground.
    Square American eaghvon a blue ground.

  27. The two latter are intended for foreign service; the live cent envelope for Canada and the United States, and the un cent either for European cones prudence or double American and Canadian letters.
    intended foreign service live double American Canadian

  28. Time American bark Spartan.
    Time American bark Spartan.

  29. Some time before 1850 one noble animal had been imported here whose stock were still Known, lie referred to old Oregon and claimed that, as it had been said that when Messenger landed in the States lie brought with him the value of a million dollars in the effect his importation had on subsequent American horseflesh, so it might be said that when Oregon landed here he brought a hundred thousand dollars with him. A superior class of saddle horses had sprung from Ilia, and the island of Kauai was today noted for horses of superior carrying capacity through the introduction thereof one colt of his.
    time 1850 noble animal subsequent American horseflesh

  30. The doctrine of Americans that the majority met rule, and their via must be respected.
    doctrine Americans majority met rule respected

  31. American European Merchandise feb8dfewtf Frank .
    American European Merchandise feb8dfewtf Frank .

  32. Hawaiian Island, 51vj1 tons of 2it xml earl of China, including Too tons of re Bel, I ft tons of Central American, Hi tons: and of Manila, 91 tons.
    Hawaiian Island 51vj1 tons Central American, tons

  33. Squires, President, office at the American House, Honolulu.
    Squires President office American House Honolulu

  34. The American bark Ceylon arrived on Monday last, 147 days from Boston.
    American bark Ceylon arrived Monday 147 days

  35. Bishops paper is that the existence in a country where white men practically control the commerce, and the industrial development of a native sovereignty, is an anomaly, and that therefore it must bea transient thing to be replaced within a moderate space of time by a Republic having Anglo American social and political characteristics.
    Bishops paper existence country Anglo American social

  36. The sides of the lanai throughout were ornamented with tropical plants and flags of various nationalities; the Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and American flags being conspicuous in the scene.
    sides lanai ornamented tropical Japanese American flags

  37. There is nothing that makes as sweet milk and butter as good pasture and pure water, and dried grass hay seems to come nearer to that than any other food yet discovered. Our impression is that the ensilage maybe all right in a country where good hay cannot be had but its use will never become general among American farmers Foreign Correspondence.
    sweet milk butter good general American farmers

  38. The Cotton Centennial. We give below the more important portions of the prospectus issued by the managers of the Exposition: The Worlds Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition was inaugurated by a resolution of the National Cotton Planters Association of America at its annual convention October, 1ss2. It was originally the intention to designate it simply the Worlds Cotton Centennial; the year 1ss4 being the centennial anniversary of the first exportation of cotton from America, but subsequently this intention was abandoned, and the scope of the enterprise was enlarged by making it a Worlds Industrial Exposition, thus imparting ana national and international character, which is still more emphatically coy firmed by the act of Congress creating the Exposition. The immediate cause of the determination to hold such an Exposition was the impression of a general tie sire among the more progressive agriculturists and industrialists of the Cotton States to provide a means whereby the people of all nations could obtain a knowledge of there sources, capacity and products of the Southern States of America, and at the same time to enable the people of these States to align themselves with the universal spirit of progress which marks the preen era to inaugurate an Exposition commensurate with such requirements, the Congress rt th United States passed an act, which was approved February 10, 1883. In accordance with the provisions of this act, the locution of the expo station was, on April 24th, 388, fixed at time city of New Oilcans, and ample funds have been provided for the purpose while the city government has given the use of its magnificent park, and a liberal donation in aid of the work. The location is, peculiarly fitting, inasmuch as New Orleans is the metropolis of the country primarily intended to be benefitted, and the gateway to and from Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, the immense resources of which are now being so rapidly developed, while their commercial interests are being so greatly expanded under the vigorous influence of American enterprise; the building of railways, the establishment of steamship lines, and the colonizing of commercial and industrial enterprises. An important factor in this grand development, has been the South Pass Jetties, giving a permanent channel to the sea of sufficient depth for the largest class of vessels, which, with her fifteen miles of deep waterfront, places New Orleans second to no other city in the world in point of shipping facilities. The President of the United States, under date of September 10th, 1s83, issued a proclamation, inviting representation and participation by all foreign nations, Assurances have already been received that the invitation will be very generally accepted, and there can be no doubt that all civilized nations of the world will contribute collective government exhibits.
    Cotton Centennial important portions influence American enterprise

  39. Building Where be would be pleased to have you give him a call, hoping to gain be confidence of the public by good work and reasonable charges. 177wtf Seth, Merchant Tailor, ftc Tort St, Honolulu, If. Ii 178wtf Wing To Chanco, Importer and General Denier in English, American and Chinese Irovifiouh, Plantation Tea and General Supplies.
    Building pleased call hoping English American Chinese

  40. One died thirty years ago while preparing for the ministry; seven are today on missionary ground, live as missionaries of the American Board, one as agent of the American Bible Society in China, and one as an independent missionary in Japan.
    died missionaries American Board agent American Bible

  41. The American bark Amy Turner, Captain Newell cleared from Boston for Honolulu on the 10th February.
    American bark Amy Turner Captain Newell cleared

  42. Here in Boston, where the American hog is largely cooked with the baked beans which act as an antidote to the spiral worm of commerce the danger is slight, but when we consider that Bismarcks constituents eat ham, sausage, and even fresh pork, raw, it is apt to prove disastrous on foreign shores.
    Boston American hog largely cooked baked beans

  43. This is what Sir per Griffin says of the American girl Stylish and pretty, independence personified, but very honest and reminded, is the American girl.
    Sir Griffin American girl reminded American girl

  44. Cases Mackerel, oil, Cases French, Karlie ami American Iv aes Late, Trilled, Cases Mackerel, in oil.
    Cases Mackerel oil Cases ami American aes

  45. American European Mevctonflise feb 8w of Steam Candy Manufactory And Bakery.
    American European Mevctonflise feb Steam Candy Manufactory

  46. The Khaki brought 3c5 bags sugar mid 575 bag rte from Waialua The American tern liva, Capt Woman, arrived last Saturday, 16 days from San Francisco.
    Khaki brought 3c5 bags Waialua American tern

  47. American and Chinese Provisions, Plantation Tea and general Supplies.
    American Chinese Provisions Plantation Tea general Supplies

  48. The attorney general said he had had a conversation with him ne had stated that the present system works detrimental to American interests on the islands.
    attorney general conversation stated detrimental American interests

  49. That the American Minister looked to the Government to carryout the order immediately.
    American Minister looked Government carryout order immediately

  50. American and Chinese Provisions, Yanaton Tea and General supplies.
    American Chinese Provisions Yanaton Tea General supplies

  51. The exchange of Hawaiian for foreign silver coinage other than American is somewhat lively at the bank now.
    exchange Hawaiian foreign silver coinage American lively

  52. Hats, canes, handkerchiefs and fans were waved, while men shouted themselves hoarse in cheering the king of the American turf.
    Hats canes handkerchiefs fans king American turf

  53. American European Merchandise feb8dwtf 3jn surface taste mimi initial ai iucatilk Insurance Company.
    American European Merchandise feb8dwtf 3jn surface taste

  54. It is used to roll American oil cloth. I said What 13 up now or something like that.
    roll American oil cloth like

  55. prefaced his remarks by assuring us that Honolulu is one of the most picturesque places he has ever visited either on the American or European Continents. I find the climate, said Mr.
    prefaced remarks assuring Honolulu visited American European

  56. Columbia. 12040426 Hawaii 12014526 Canary and Philippine Islands 10912037 Argentine Republic 9735307 Haiti and San Domingo 8814000 Venezuela 8305429 Rico 7642201 Central American States 7124782 Portugal Kingdom. 6078512 Denmark and Colonies 5897891 Uruguay 5432928 Dutch East Indies 5053048 British Africa and Gibraltar 4910478 French West Indies and Guiana. 4829933 Austrian Empire 4764827 Sweden and Norway 4655719 Turkish Empire 3538670 Chile 3296080 Peru 3020812 Dutch West Indies, 2396062 Greece Kingdom 1322597 We have thus the act demonstrated that out of a list of twenty of the principal countries doing business with the United States in the year 1883, only one the United States of Colombia, to which Panama belongs equalled the Hawaiian trade.
    Columbia 12040426 Hawaii 12014526 Central American States

  57. Nothing is more incomprehensible in Kurdish character to Americans than the trait suggested by the plots of several recent novels, where a young girls whole life was wrecked by unjust suspicions inconsequence of her having traveled or sailed fora few hours unchaperoned, with a lover.
    incomprehensible Kurdish character Americans trait suggested plots

  58. Speckles and his sons, in the estimation Ol Plo i ulster, laid iiiiuiuiiicu in uuiiuiuis 411 gan American snipyain io uiagiiiutviu nun sepia ersforthe Hawaiian trade.
    Speckles sons estimation Plo gan American snipyain

  59. The American ship El Dorado, after getting Wifely off the reef.
    American ship Dorado Wifely reef

  60. She has a cargo for Mr Spaldings plantation at Kellia, Kauai The American foreandaft schooner Nora Hawkins, Capt A Petersen, sailed on Friday at 415 pm for Kellia, Kauai, with 221 953 feet assorted lumber, 42i6 posts, 29 kegs nails, 13000 bricks, and bbs paint for Col .
    cargo Spaldings plantation Kellia Kauai American foreandaft

  61. All this takes place during the lifetime of the generation that fought the war, and elevates into practical command of the American Government the identical men who organized for its destruction, and plunged us into the bloodiest contest ot modern times. I have spoken of the South as placed by the late election in possession of the Government, andi mean all that my words imply.
    takes place lifetime generation command American Government

  62. It becomes the primal question of American manhood; it demands a hearing and a settlement, and that settlement will vindicate the equality of American citizens in all personal and civil rights.
    primal question American manhood equality American citizens

  63. We remind these papers als that fifty years ago France and Germany into even less sugar than America does now, and that now they not only make enough for home consumption, but they have sufficient surplus to send England last vet two fifths of all she hud to buy, and that sugar from sorghum, with the present degree of American protection, is a more profitable industry to the farmers of New Jersey, Illinois, Kansas and other States than the raising of wheat, corn, or any other staple crops.
    remind papers als fifty degree American protection

  64. Clocks the informal machines tiro American, also the pistols.
    Clocks informal machines tiro American, pistols

  65. Madame Nov the landlady, not understanding English, could not make anything taut of their conversations. All seemed to be well supplied with American money, which, it seems, they had some difficulty in getting exchanged for Canadian money to pay for their board.
    Madame Nov landlady understanding supplied American money

  66. The immortal Bartholdi States is still waiting lora boost as ono of the comic papers had it. A vigorous, well conceived and thoroughly practical effort is now being put forth by a society in the East, composed of the descendants of men who took part in the war for American independence, and known as the Sons of the Involution, to raise funds for the completion of the pedestal of the Bartholdi Statue.
    immortal Bartholdi States waiting war American independence

  67. Chief amongst the institution dear to the American heart is the quadriannual election of our Chief Magistrate, and though by the time this reaches you the result of the contest on the 3rd instant will have become known to you, still the opinion is hazarded that you will not object to a little more being said about it.
    Chief institution dear American heart quadriannual election

  68. June2cth lat 2147, long 17tis 02 passed American hang ship with painted ports, 3150 bbs oil; also American whaling bark, painted black, very light. Had pleasant weather and light winds.
    June2cth passed American hang oil American whaling

  69. Aside from the obvious facts that Blaine was a man of obviously better ability than Cleveland, of longer and richer experience in affairs, of wider acquaintance with public men and the nations and of more sympathetic relations to the American people, there was not much we could honestly say
    facts Blaine man ability relations American people


  71. Blaines speech appears to be outrageously traitorous to all the best American sentiment and to the ideas of the vast majority of that great party which has made him its standard bearer.
    Blaines speech appears outrageously traitorous American sentiment

  72. When Hawaii Xi gets excited over a horse race more money changes hands than is lost or won on the Oakland track in California when Maud Sgoldsmii Maid or any of the American cracks come together.
    Hawaii excited horse race Maid American cracks

  73. It is intended to place her under the American flag.
    intended place American flag

  74. And General Commission Merchants, Bkavkk Block, tree St, Buy Ll Sales of Furniture, stock, lit Estate and genera Merchandise properly attended to. Sole Agents For American and European Merchandise feb diet
    General Commission Merchants Bkavkk Agents American European

  75. The resolutions further declare that if the Government thinks it right and proper to foster and protect the industries of iron, wool and cotton manufactures, the producers of sugar throughout the United States, as American citizen, are entitled to the the same protection and should not be sacrificed for the benefit of the West Indies, Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands, and conclude with a protest against any further reduction ot the sugar tariff. A resolution was also adopted protesting against the Hawaiian treaty and the proposed Mexican reciprocity treaty; also red questing their Senators and representatives in Congress to protect the siigarproducirg interests.
    resolutions declare Government thinks States American citizen

  76. Compare any American vessel, merchant ox naval, with the corresponding British vessel, and it will not need a telckcopu to tell the difference.
    Compare American vessel merchant naval British vessel

  77. American European Merchandise feb Sw of A.
    American European Merchandise feb Sw of A.

  78. Three Americans entered upon office.
    Three Americans entered upon office.

  79. The lands conceded were to become American National property, ruled by the United States, who were to possess all sovereign rights within their limits, without any intervention on the part of the local Government.
    lands conceded American National property ruled United

  80. Both, Merchant Tailor, 83 Fort St, Honolulu, Iii. 173wtf Wing To Chanco, Importers and General Dealers in English, American and Chinese provisions.
    Merchant Tailor Fort Honolulu English American Chinese

  81. American European Merchandise. 110tfwtf Fran Ec Cert, Pollmdorter auto Manufacturer Of all Descriptions of Boots Shoes Ice Orders from the Other Islands solicited.
    American European Merchandise 110tfwtf Fran Cert Pollmdorter

  82. Vanbrocklin, an eminent American civil engineer. A route with even more moderate gradients and cuttings than were expected has been adopted, and the works have been commenced Mr.
    Vanbrocklin eminent American civil engineer route moderate

  83. He acts upon the American idea of the largest liberty for the largest hallucination.
    acts American idea largest liberty largest hallucination

  84. The American gunboat Palos, Commander Gladden, arrived at Hongkong August 29th, from Canton.
    American gunboat Palos Commander Gladden arrived Hongkong

  85. Few who were present, at the banquet in the Hall ot Trinity College will have forgotten the most memorable incident of the feast, when the noble, patriarchal form of Samuel Ros rose on the dais with folded arms, and addressing themas men and brethren in a speech of weighty words well worthy of the man and ol the occasion, bore testimony to the high merits of British evvy and the British nation, Ind expressed his strong conviction that fro such people as the iritshand American must ever be smiled by the bonds of hrothorhoo and mu al million lie fell, ive we must oil ive thai this union, so important: to those welfare of mankind ia little promoted, by fraternisation ol eminent men from tin two sides ol the Atlantic at the meetings of our associations.
    present banquet Hall Trinity iritshand American smiled

  86. Eighty Tlionsaii I American Citizen lyell in Bjujhc.
    Tlionsaii American Citizen lyell Bjujhc

  87. Flower, after a memorable contest, which gave this gentleman his first distinction in American politics.
    Flower memorable contest gave distinction American politics

  88. The Hawaiian government is now pi God in precisely the same position that the American Government was twenty years ago.
    Hawaiian government God precisely position American Government

  89. It has even been suggested that the United States flag should be made more typical of the American people by having a tryiugpan placed among the stars.
    suggested United States flag typical American people

  90. American us.
    American us.

  91. It Jlenltt via leila Liverpool Id; Khriifm stiffen l5pllill 14 Sun, British 14: Australia ltdihcovery 10 i Irwin Lily tract 31 Lady Lainpson June Zealand Kalakaua Vv Ii Caibarien American san Francisco Hawaiian San Francisco British San Francisco British sydney Hawaiian San Francisco American San Francisco American San Francisco 19 City New York 19 A Faikinburg British San Francisco.
    Caibarien American san Francisco American San Francisco American San

  92. All honor to him and when an American forgets a soldier who fought for the Union, may God forget him in his distress. And now for Cleveland. Cheers He has made a good Governor, and he would make a good President if; he was a Republican.
    honor American forgets soldier fought Union God

  93. About 100 Chinese embarked on board the American bark Martha Davis during that month, and after avery rapid passage they were safely landed in Hongkong on the 27th November.
    100 Chinese embarked board American bark Martha

  94. Under the above heading the following appears in the American Register.
    heading appears American Register

  95. Philological Society of King land has united with the American Philological Association upon a lint of words, which they jointly recommend for adoption.
    Philological Society King land united American Philological

  96. Probably Washington Territory is not as well known to the average Americanas several countries in Europe.
    Washington Territory average Americanas countries Europe

  97. But men of war are always welcome, whether English, French, German, American or Russian, and our young ladies may boast that many an officer, now in Japan, Alaska or the South Seas, would hail with delight an order to return to our shores.
    men war English French German American Russian

  98. The American Bishops deny that any agreement has been arrived at concerning the attitude of the Catholic clergy of the United States towards Feminism.
    American Bishops deny agreement arrived attitude Catholic

  99. The American ship Susan Gilmore, Capt.
    The American ship Susan Gilmore, Capt.

  100. Carver, a sister vessel to the American bark Abbie Carver, new at Hongkong, was wrecked while entering the Newcastle harbor.
    Carver sister vessel American bark Abbie Carver

  101. American Paper Camels live from forty to fifty years; horses average from twenty five to thirty; oxen, about twenty; sheep, eight or nine; and dogs twelve to fourteen.
    American Paper Camels live forty fifty years

  102. English, American, German, Strangers Friend, and Chinese. ; The following Visiting Committee was then appointed.
    English American, German Strangers Friend Chinese Visiting

  103. American Otc.
    American Otc.

  104. American European Merchandise. 110tfwtf St.
    American European Merchandise. 110tfwtf St.

  105. Accompanying the gift was a note, to the effect that the firm would have Mince Pies ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. The American brigantine
    Accompanying gift note effect tomorrow American brigantine

  106. The Bulletin appears to bea little out in its knowledge of American history, judging from its attempt to correct the Gazette as to what happened during the canvass for the Presidency when Lincoln was elected.
    Bulletin appears bea knowledge American history judging

  107. The American clipper bark Nicolas Thayer sailed Thursday for Hongkong with about 140 Chinese steerage passengers.
    American clipper bark Nicolas Thayer sailed Thursday

  108. Relatively to population, there is no foreign country with which the United States carries on so large a commerce, for the Islanders consume 47 per capita of our products, while Great Britain and Ireland only consume 11 23. There is hardly a transoceanic country with which one half of our commerce is carried on in American bottoms, but of our trade with Hawaii 95 percent, is carried on in American bottoms, and the only exceptions are run and manned by Americans.
    carried American bottoms carried American bottoms manned Americans.

  109. Bismarck will find the Asiatic cholera more formidable than the American hog.
    Bismarck find Asiatic cholera formidable American hog

  110. American Citizen.
    American Citizen.

  111. The following article appeared in the Sacramento Union of last year, and its republication here may serve a good purpose, even though the plague itself should never reach our fair isles: The ravages of the cholera in Egypt, and the probability that the scourge will soon extend to Europe and the American continents, is beginning to engage public attention and the means that maybe adopted as measures of protection.
    article appeared Sacramento Union Europe American continents

  112. The mustang is smaller than the domesticated American horse; for we must remember that the larger horses now found in our stables are the direct descendants of later importations from Europe.
    mustang smaller domesticated American horse remember larger

  113. The French vines grafted on American stocks, and planted in such soils, have been almost entirely protected from phylloxera.
    French vines grafted American stocks planted soils

  114. In twenty five years after the landing of the missionaries 1820 the whole people had, in a great measure, become Americanized.
    twenty years landing missionaries 1820 measure Americanized.

  115. American Mail and Export Journal for June, 18S4. The wife of Robert J.
    American Mail Export Journal June 18S4 wife

  116. It we continue the reduction of duties such arrives a sugar and coffee to the spanish American countries which ar willing to negotiate with us treaties of reciprocity, we cheapen thee products f: our own people, and at the same tine gain the control of these markets forth products of our fields and factories.
    continue reduction duties arrives spanish American countries

  117. Hit, fellow Americans, is our work done?
    Hit, fellow Americans, is our work done?

  118. Some paragraphs in American papers showing that British Columbia and British Guinea are seeking similar privileges to those which have been accorded to Hawaii have been made the subject of comment as if they indicated that the matter was still unsettled diplomatically between this country and Japan.
    paragraphs American papers showing British Columbia British

  119. American Agriculturist.
    American Agriculturist.

  120. It was the same with all nationalities American, English, and others.
    nationalities American, English

  121. J Telephone No i jy2itfw Wing To Chanco, porters and General Dealers in Kntrlish, American and Chinese Provisions, Plantation Ten and general Supplies.
    Telephone jy2itfw Wing Chanco Kntrlish American Chinese

  122. He urged the necessity of manning American ship with American crews. A Revolutionary Execution.
    urged necessity manning American ship American crews

  123. And what impression asked there porter, has the American women made upon you, Mrs.
    impression asked porter American women

  124. The American. 3ttflius5 Carte.
    The American. 3ttflius5 Carte.

  125. With no country has American trade during the past few years developed such an increase as it has with Hawaii.
    country American trade years developed increase Hawaii

  126. Paul say Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass ora tinkling cymbal Now charity is not declaring to the brother who is afflicted with grievous sores I pity you, brother It is the going down in the pocket, and giving him either the American dollar or its Hawaiian equivalent.
    Paul speak tongues men giving American dollar

  127. Thia is one of the roost note a well aa one of the fastest marcs that ever appeared on the American turf.
    Thia roost note fastest appeared American turf

  128. George son of Irish Birdwatcher; 2nd dam Sally Wallace, by Star Davis; 3rd dam, Evelyn, by American Eclipse; 4th dam, Hannah by Ghana; 5th dam, Sally , by Carol lilian; Th dam, by Imp.
    George son Irish Birdwatcher Evelyn American Eclipse

  129. This is one of the most noted as well as one of the fastest mares that ever appeared on the American turf.
    noted fastest mares appeared American turf

  130. Consequently Ave Democratic papers assail the Administration, which they assert has done nothing in the direction of upholding American rights abroad, for taking a stand in favor of an American canal, they show their political animus at such a disadvantage to themselves, that the average American voter wilie enabled to readily decide which policy should receive his support.
    upholding American rights favor American canal average American voter

  131. The American Steamship Marisa, Capt This Golding, arrived about oclock yesterday morning.
    American Steamship Marisa Capt Golding arrived oclock


  133. The United States Congress has passed an Act to remove certain burdens on the American merchant marine, and to encourage the American foreign carrying trade, and for other purposes This Act came into force in the first of the present month.
    United burdens American merchant encourage American foreign

  134. Cases French, English and American Ivan, Cases Bate, Ruffled, Cases Mackerel, in oil.
    Cases French English American Ivan Cases Bate